Weighing in and running for it


Things are going well in discovery land, every day is a new day and I need to keep pushing through temptations and trying to make the right choices.

No, I don’t need that cookie at Mrs Fields’, even if it’s called a “nibbler”, how harmful could it be?? I didn’t choose to find out! I was standing longingly at the counter having an internal debate about it being ‘okay’ if I just got one with a coffee. Lucky for me, I’d just been in a few stores and tried on some clothes, fitting into mediums and size 12 dresses!!!! This gave me enough confirmation to walk away, so I did. My hips thank me for it, but even better, the scales today reflected the decision.

Today I jumped on the scales and it’s official! 71.0kgs! (156.2lbs) which makes it an 18kilo loss so far!! My original goal for 12 months was 15-20 kilos, so we’re well on the way to surpassing goals! I also measured myself from the end of the last round and I’ve lost 8cms, mostly off the hips (that’s a very good thing!!!) I started this journey back in September and it has well and truly changed my life and who I am.

I’m hoping, for the sake of myself, that it hasn’t changed me too much. I’ve noticed that I’m always thinking about nutrition and exercise, but I have so many interests that I’ve been losing focus. For example, I haven’t done any creative writing in over a month. This makes me sad. When you’re living a ‘healthy’ lifestyle, or you’re trying to lose weight, you tend to concentrate and start to prioritize in regards to how to go about it. Unfortunately, I’ve neglected to prioritize the other things I love to do too. I must make a conscious effort to do this from now on.

I’ve been doing my dedication run this week and managed to run out another 19kms since my last blog post. I’ve only got 14 to go to have achieved the 45kms nominated. I have honestly found that having to be accountable has pushed me that little bit further, so to everyone that ‘liked’ and ‘commented’ to get me there, I thank you! The kms were for me, but they were also for you! I have a training schedule for a half marathon in 10 weeks that I’m trying to stick to. If I can stick to it, I’ll participate in the Canberra half marathon in April. I’m going to reassess my progress in about 4 weeks and see whether I should enter the 10km or go for broke! Wish me luck!

I’ve been contemplating the next step in my weight loss journey. Last night I was on the bed and pushing through the doona of fat on my belly and contracting my muscles. I was super excited that I could actually feeling my abs contracting every time I squeezed! Don’t get me wrong or let me mislead you, there is still a big belly in the way, and a layer of fat keeping everything nice and snuggly, but the fact that I could feel ‘something’ under there made me focused and determined to not stray from goals.

I have to say, I am determined and I am focused, but I am also very easily understanding how a person can to a point and think that “Oh well, I’ve already lost a bunch of weight, I can give myself a leeway every now and then.” For that I give myself a huge mental and physical slap and remember what it’s taken me to get here. When ‘they’ say blood, sweat and tears, ‘they’ weren’t lying! I’ve been on this journey for six months now and I can’t believe the changes taking place. I just have to remember that. If you have a day where you may stray, pick back up and move along. Just don’t make every day a stray day!

I have to sign up for the next round of the 12WBT and am still contemplating what I’m going to do. I am 2kgs away from my original 69kg goal, but to be in the ‘healthy’ BMI I think I need to be 65ish. I was thinking of doing the Lean and Fit program. I want to keep running, it’s definitely a mind clearer and sense of achievement every time I complete a run, but I also want to start getting stronger. I have limited upper body strength and my core needs more work! If you’ve done these rounds, or have experience with these type of programs I’d love to hear from you. I definitely need to work on the preggy belly and get those abs out and proud!!!

If you’ve never run before and you’d like to give it a try, I’d highly recommend the C25K program, that’s Couch to 5 km.  It will set you up to be running in no time! It starts out nice and easy and very achievable. If you’re an iPhone app freak, you can also download the app from iTunes to help you along! I’d love to hear if you’ve started this, how you’re going with it and what you’re getting out of it, if you start it or have done it!

For everyone doing pre-season of 12WBT let me know how you’re going with it! I’m excited to hear the new journeys and the return journeys!

Until next time! Be Safe and Stay Pretty everyone! Thanks for reading!

Wednesday Weigh-In Week 9

I have a busy day today and wasn’t sure when I’d get to the computer, so I’ll update you quickly through a phone post!


Today I went for a morning run. I had to briefly pause and capture this image as it was too good to give up.. I can’t believe I used to sleep through this time of the morning!

So last week I had a 200 gram gain, which I attribute to some relaxed
Food choices and not enough exercise. This week I had completed the 8km run and was convinced there would be a
Loss of some type. I’ve been watching my food and making sure I workout. Amazing what happens when you do that!!!



I am 100 grams away from 12kg loss!!
Lots and lots and lots of Focus and hard work…….. We’ve got 3 weeks (less than) in this round and I’m excited that I’ve been able to smash my early goals.

At the beginning of the pre-season tasks my Goals were to lose 5kgs in 3 months and run 1km without stopping…SMASHED IT already!! Oh and my 6 month goal was to buy clothes in the “normal” area of a
Store! I was able to do that the other day!! I bought a size 16 jeans!!! My goal is 12 and it’s creeping closer and closer! I just have to put one foot in front of the other….. Here’s another early morning pic I took today….un-fun thing about Summer outside: scanning for snakes and the bloody early morning fly population!!!!!


Weigh-In Week 6 and Emotions-a loaded 8 letter word

Emotions—how one 8 letter word can mean so many things, or have such a huge impact on me is amazing. I feel that this week I’ve been emotionally fragile and on that ever riding non-stop rollercoaster of life, where the highs and lows never seem to fade.

I often go through and re-read my posts in the blog, to see how I’m going and where I’ve come from. I’m glad I do that, and I’m glad I have this to make it possible. I’ve found that some of the things I’ve written, I’ve actually forgotten I was feeling or experiencing.  I also noticed that at the beginning of the program and blog I was relying heavily on expressing emotions. You can see that from the little icons I would put at the bottom of the post.

Although I might say “I’m alright,” quite often it doesn’t mean internally I am. That was until this week. ((TMI warning)) It’s TTOTM (If you have to ask, you must be male!!?!?) and I’ve been feeling extremely flat and blah (refer to last post). I often get extremely lethargic and am in a lot of pain and do not feel enthusiastic about life at all. It’s one of those weeks of curling into a ball and sleeping and escaping. I’m happy to report that’s the old me! I did pout a little, feel a little sorry for myself and do a little scale hopping this week *slaps self on hand-we talked about this!* and I saw that the scales were moving in the up, up, up direction. Instead of pouting and getting shitty about it, I put on my tunnel vision and knew that lazing around, feeling sorry for my self would do nothing but make those numbers stay there, so I got off my arse and exercised. I kept it pretty light this week, but I still moved. I paid particular attention to the food I ate. I’m human; I’m normal. I had those terrible TTOTM cravings and wanted sugary, sweet, fatty useless food. My weekly confession: I tried 1/12th (yes, a tiny smidgen) of a piece of choc iced sprinkle donut that was bought over by a friend (who didn’t know any better). That one tiny bite was DISGUSTING! I couldn’t believe that I didn’t enjoy it at all. It was gross and the flavours sat on my tongue in a most unpleasant way. BOOM—at least we can tick that crappy food off my want list now! Last night I grabbed a handful of ‘hot chips’ that were in front of me (5 in total) and ate them, thinking they’d be yummy and delicious. Anyone who was around last night, when I did this, knows what happened. They were soooo gross. Even grosser than the donut! I felt oil in my mouth and I felt like I’d swallowed a cup full of oil and it sat in my stomach. I actually got nauseous and wanted to go and throw up. Lesson learned. My body is telling me I don’t need it and my mind has finally clicked.

You may “think” you want it, and the emotions that we all experience will convince as that we “want” it, but our body doesn’t “need” it and soon, you won’t even like it. How exciting, right? I think so!

Basically, what I’ve been rambling on about is the fact that Michelle says to “take the emotion out of it” — become disciplined and conscious of what you’re eating. Nowhere in the program does it say you can’t enjoy food. I enjoy food, quite a lot. I never thought I’d say I was looking forward to Lentil Spaghetti Bolognaise, but it’s one of my favourite menu items. Plan, be organised and you won’t be placed in a situation where you might make bad choices.

 The other most important thing I’ve learned from this week is to Never Give Up. It’s true to say that when things  seem ‘too hard,’ you just want to throw in the towel and give up, say screw it, why bother? It’s quite possible to  convince yourself that if the scales don’t move, then it’s not worth it and you’ve just worked out for  nothing…..Well there’s a reason to bother and it isn’t just that fact that you’ll feel such a difference in your life.  Your body, your attitude, everything will change—for the better. I’m not perfect and I’m not emotionless, but I know a journey worth going on is a journey full of experience and wonders and discovery.

Who wants to know about weigh-in?!?!?

YAY!!!!! Hard work and consistency DOES pay off. I am so excited about the results. I had set myself up to not be emotional if there was no loss, or a gain, because I knew that I was having my ‘off’ week. The results have just made me even more determined. I am 1.2kgs off of a 10kg loss. I’m writing this down to be accountable–I want that 1.2kgs gone next weigh-in!  I am also ‘officially’ down 1 pant size. I can fit into pants I haven’t worn in years and the current jeans I have keep falling down. Wooooo!! *throws sparkles in the air–the sprinkley kind, not my new phone!*

Thanks for all the support — I seriously love it and it helps to keep me in check and encourage me. I know that only I can do this and only I can decide what I eat and how I exercise, but I love knowing that there are people out there who might read this and think that if I can do it, they can do it, because quite frankly, it’s true — YOU CAN!!!!!!

And if you have one of those days where things seem like crap and you don’t think you can go on–do this:

Wednesday Weigh-In Week 4

It’s Wednesday Weigh-In again! This time, for week FOUR!

We’ve been doing this program for a month already, I can’t believe it! The time seems to fly! Honestly, I have not been looking forward to this weigh in at all. Last week was a really miserable week. The whole household suffered from gastro and the meal plan included a lot of Tuna and meals I wasn’t too enthusiastic about. This caused me to become unorganised and in the end, totally fail my week! I felt jumbled and inevitably, I didn’t do as much ‘working out’ as I should have been doing. There seemed to be many things getting in the way and I didn’t get to get out and jog, which depressed me! These are not excuses, as I still managed to do some at-home workouts. It’s quite possible I set my expectations too high sometimes, who knows.

One thing that my husband and I have discussed a lot is that we’re in this for the long run. It’s a lifestyle choice for us, and that means we’ve changed our eating habits, and what we keep around the house. I’m also enjoying the empowerment of having the supportive friends and family that are around me. It’s amazing what happens when you surround yourself with positivity. Even at your low-light, someone is there to pick you up and shine the torch brighter.

I have learned a valuable lesson of being organised! I know this is a part of the program, but I’ve definitely experienced it for myself now!  So, this week we were organised, we’ve shopped, we’ve stocked and we’ve got our meal plans and menus ready to go!

This week, marking our fourth week, it’s also a revisit to the Fitness Test.

I’m pleased to say I have improved on a few things (I’m yet to do my running test). I managed to wall sit for a lot longer than 11 seconds, although I was 5 seconds off moving to the next level, and out of beginners! I will conquer that next time!!! I also managed to move up to Intermediate in my push-ups, although those too, can be improved a lot more. I’ve never had a lot of upper body strength!

The weigh in results are:

Whilst less than 1kg is not ideal, I’d like to take the time and celebrate the fact that I no longer have 700 grams holding me back. I have rid it for good. I am celebrating every gram gone and I just happen to have 700 reasons to celebrate. In saying that, I also know that now is the time to pick up my game and to move it.  So, with that I sign off and leave you images of me dancing around my living room to the sound of the Madagascar Lima’s “I like to move it move it, I like to move it move it, We like to—-Move it!!”


Weigh-In Week 3

Hi All!
I’m back and I”m suffering! I have the horrid, dreadful gastro bug! Thanks to my wonderful husband for sharing!!!

Not one to let me get that down, although I felt terrible yesterday I made myself do an express 20 minute Zumba DVD, otherwise I just felt lazy!

We got new scales yesterday!!! They are shiny and black – not as tempting as the red ones then! I feel like I’m not giving myself enough commitment to the program, and by that, I don’t think I’m burning enough calories. It’s something I will work on over the next couple of weeks.

Here are the numbers as of this morning:

I am thrilled with that and am looking forward to those numbers travelling in the right direction; that’d be down. I’m looking forward to next week, where we reach the 4 week mark and do another fitness test and take measurements.

Before I go I wanted to give my husband a shout-out and an awesome epic high five!

He’s been following a calorie controlled diet and has been eating the same food as the program and in 3 weeks has managed to drop ‎7.2 kgs!! An amazing effort to be celebrated!! Well Done!

I’m Determined not to give up – even when I’m feeling at my lowest…

Wednesday Weigh-In Week 3 Delay

We’re at that time of the week again but I’m afraid I’m going to have to delay the results.

Over the past couple of days we’ve noticed that the scales may have been ‘dropped’ and are showing odd amounts of numbers. When my husband jumped on them they stated he was at least 10 kgs more than he was last time (which is not possible, considering he’s been suffering a 5 day battle with gastro!)

When I hopped on them this morning they showed that I was back to my beginning weight. Now, I would normally be completely shocked and distraught about this happening, but there is absolutely no way that I can weigh the same as I did 3 weeks ago.

Exhibit A: I tried on a pair of jeans that are a size less than I normally wear and I could fit into them. They were slightly snug and I give myself another week or two before they will be comfortable and wearable (in public!)

Exhibit B: I tried on another pair of jeans that are a size less than normal and was able to bend, stretch and walk in them comfortably and wore them out in public!

I haven’t been as ‘strict’ as I should have been and struggle to eat appropriate snacks and calorie counts which I know will hinder proper results. So I’ve decided, I shall dust off this minor bump in the road, wait for a new pair of scales and in the mean time keep trying to ‘smash it’ and eat right.

(I did weigh myself the other day and it showed another loss of 2kgs – bringing the total to 6.6kg loss / 7.42% weight loss – we’ll re-evaluate these figures once we get some good scales; if they’re correct then I am going to be beyond stoked!!!)

My first 5kg goal loss was rewarded yesterday with a new pair of running shoes! My old ones were dead and I was excited to see the pretty, shiny ones in the store!

My first reward! Instead of Chocolate, I have Shoes!

I’m yet to try them out (we bought them yesterday and I had a bit of minor stomach bug which meant no physical activity..) but I have a feeling that they’re going to help me improve even more on my fitness.

My 10kg goal is to have a day at the spa! I love nothing more than to go to the day spa and relax but it’s a luxury that can’t  be afforded lately, plus it’s not very comforting to try rolling on a massage table and feel like you’ll break it with your  weight!

This is a goal definitely worth working towards! I can’t wait.

Something I’ve learned about goals: You can have one big goal for the end, but to get there, you need to break it down, analyse it and create realistic, smaller goals. I want to lose 20kgs but I know realistically, that won’t happen in 12 weeks. Therefore, my first smaller goal is to lose 10kgs in 12 weeks, and then continue on for another 12 weeks and hopefully lose the next 10. My breaking it down it doesn’t seem like an impossible. Smaller victories (such as first 5) can be celebrated and create an on-flow effect of feeling proud and knowing that with the work and effort – it can happen.

That’s all I have to report at the moment – I’ll let you know how the weigh in goes with the new scales.

Thanks for all the ongoing support and for taking time to read and follow my journey. Destination: Unknown, but it’s going to be Fabulous!