School Holiday Fun – Two Ingredient Screen Time Saver

If you’re anything like me you have a love-hate relationship with school holidays.

Whilst I love not having to make school lunches and ship off the kids every morning by the time the second bell rings, I do so miss the routine and the few hours of time that I usually do things without the kids (or at least with just the littlest).

It’s also a battle of the screens. You want to give the kids a well deserved break from school, and let them have at it with technology, but you don’t want to lose them to the monster of the screen. You know, the children that turn into unrecognisable monsters when you say “time’s up” or “break time”…don’t tell me that’s only my children!

Today we went and saw The Minion Movie. Cute. Funny. Completely kidcentric!!! When we came home I knew the kids would all want to jump onto their iPads, or tablets, or PSwhatevers, but I had a trick up my sleeve. Last week on a Facebook post I saw a recipe for two ingredient moon dough. Curious, I clicked and read how easy it seemed. I’m linking to this post because I can’t remember the FB one I clicked!  All you do is add in some hair conditioner to cornflour and ‘presto’ ..moon dough. I didn’t quite believe it could be that simple. Until I did it!

20150710_135441_resizedWhat a great, clever idea! Here’s what you do:

1 cup Cornflour
1/3 cup Hair Conditioner

Mix in a bowl until 20150710_135557_resizeda ball is formed – hand over to child and watch them mould, fold, stretch, and shape it! It was so simple AND it smelt so good (because I used apple scented conditioner).

It gave the kids some time away from the screens (I 20150710_135641_resizedthink the first sitting was 45 minutes), and once I packed it into a ziplock bag, they came back to it later and played again. They used knives to slice it. Cutters to shape it. Hands to mould it! It was a great activity that didn’t cost anything (because we had the ingredients in the house!) AND there were no complaining about not being on technology!

So, next time you’re looking for a simple time out from screens activity, give it a try! Sometimes it truly is the simple things in life that are the most fun!



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We built a Fairy Land!

*edit – I wrote this in January and got so busy with life that I didn’t post!!

We’re finally hitting the pointy end of the NSW school holidays, and it’s been a good one. We haven’t gone away anywhere, but we’ve definitely been busy visiting family, spending time together as a family, and trying to stay cool in the heat. However, as a parent, you start to run low on energy, and ideas on how to keep the kidfairys entertained. (side note: thank you, teachers everywhere!) At the beginning of this week the kids were anxious and wanting to do ‘something’. They didn’t want to play with toys (isn’t that typical? Pretty sure there’s a cull coming!) and I had enacted a ‘no technology’ rule because I was sick of them fighting over which piece of technology is cooler and who got what.

We have a garden out the front, it’s square, and houses a big gum tree (I dislike the gumtree and it’s desire to drop leaves EVERYWHERE, but we have to have it, and it’s well established now, so there’s no way around it). We recently removed to large hedges from the garden because they didn’t look very nice, and were preventing other hedges from getting sun. So, it left us with a patch of garden. Inspiration struck me on Monday, and I asked the kids if they’d like to build a fairy garden. A resounding YES came from everyone!

Off to the hardware store we went! The result was a fun time searching for fairy houses, supplies to make it inviting, and lots of plants!!! Then it was time to come home and get to work!

It took us almost 2 hours, and I’m so proud of all my children, as they got stuck into it and had the staying power to finish! We almost lost a few workers, as it was hot, and they didn’t like to wait ‘their turn’, but we made it! The results were so fun!! The kids were extremely proud, and excited, and couldn’t stop talking about how the fairies were going to ‘love it’.fairy2


Since January, the garden has grown and taken on a really magical feeling. We’ve often caught birds feeding on seeds and having a rest in it. The kids still love to look at it, and imagine what the fairies are doing at night. We’ve also added trinkets and decorations for them…..

garden22 The addition of a mushroom for resting
a mouse to keep an eye out
and a dragon to keep watch over the baddies!



Imagination is such a wonderful thing. I urge everyone to allow your children to express it and to run with it….there’s plenty of time for reality when they’re all growed up and forced to be responsible!

Do you have a special place you’ve created with your children? I’d love to see it or hear about it!



2013 – The Year of Awesome – A Mish Mash Post

Hi There!

AGAIN… it’s been ages since I’ve blogged!! I did participate in the margarine switcheroo and whilst I thought it was interesting to trial, I’m pretty sure I still prefer butter!

So .. it’s week 1 of 2013.. how is everyone fairing? So far, I’ve had a great 2013. It was one that started with a bunch of if’s, what’s, when’s and whys!!! Change may be in the future, but we just need to sit tight and see.

I’ve taken a semester off of study so that I could concentrate on myself and my family. It has been great to have a break, but at the same time I’m itching to get back to studies. I have three courses to complete my “1st year” of my degree, and that excites me! I’m eagerly awaiting to hear that I get accepted into the “Bachelor” program. One of the best things about all this is that I’m doing it with a friend. We’re so going to be teachers one day, and we’re going to rock!!!!!!!! I’ve actually become a little obsessed with “teacher blogs”! They’ve definitely taken over “mummy blogs” !!!!

I’m not really one for resolutions, but I have thought that perhaps I should try to blog more. As a means of expression and therapy in a way. Is this me saying it out loud??? Try to hold me to it!

I still struggle daily with the ‘depression’ and the ‘anxiety’ however by focusing on all that is good in my life, I am getting through it. I have a wonderful support system that I’ve reached out to, and I encourage everyone to do as much as they can.. even if it’s sending me a message!

We are now in week 2 of school holidays. What a treasure trove of fun that has been! There’s nothing like having all the kids home, and to be the entertainment for them! Does anyone have any fun, at home, activities for under 5’s?? all suggestions welcome! I’ve been extremely lucky to have my husband home and able to take the focus away from just me, but there’s only so much “daddy” can do, before they want mummy again!

I’ve also just started again on a 12 week weight loss challenge. This one came across my email as a ‘special offer’ and while I usually ignore them, I decided that the cost of the 12 weeks was definitely worth the look. It is American based, but it’s doable! I started on my birthday, as I thought this would be a great milestone. The great thing about it is that I get to include up to 5 friends on the program, so we can have a secret support society to help each other out! I’ll let you know how it goes! I’ve actually stopped having sugar in my tea and that is HUGE! I have had sugar in my tea since I was a teenager.

Okay, well this post was full of a lot of nothing, and everything, but I wanted to get a new post for 2013 out there and happening! This year will be great! Why? Because we can make it great!!!!!!

Posts will be random, and will be about a multitude of things, but that’s what life’s about!!! Until next time… Happy Reading and Be Safe!


P.S One of my guilty obsessions at the moment is One Direction.. I know, I know.. you can JUDGE away, and I don’t mind.. it’s what makes me ok! Anyway, I wanted to direct you to one of their songs, and the lyrics… I think they (or Ed Sheeran!) wrote it about me!! Check it out!  lyrics