Fathers Day 2012 (belated post)

I was going through my photos the other day and realised I had a couple of Fathers Day pics which really summed up what a magical day it truly was. How was your Fathers Day this year? Every year I always send out a message to all those single parents who are acting as Mum and Dad. It’s got to be tough to be a single parent, and not get any respite or reprieve, so again, I thank you parents out there that do it day in and day out!

This year all of the children were really able to get into the Fathers Day spirit! We had something very special planned and I was excited that Mr 5 and Miss 3 were able to keep it a secret!!!!

We started the day with letting Dad have a sleep in! Then when he got up we made him breakfast and let him read the paper in peace. We spent some wonderful family time at the park – minus my phone (daddy likes when mummy isn’t attached to her phone!) – and then it was time to head home and banish daddy upstairs to get his surprise ready! The kids set up the front room as a movie theatre and made a huge mattress picnic for daddy. They hid all the presents around the house and called him down.
In typical 5 year old style, daddy got NERF GUNS, underwear, and The Avengers DVD. I was ambushed by NERF guns and NERF wars, and lots of giggling and squealing!!!!!! We all settled in and had a lovely family afternoon of watching The Avengers together and spending a special Fathers Day today.

So… what did you do for Fathers Day? What type of things do you think we could do next year to top this year? We are always on a budget, so things at home are always a winner!

I hope you all had a lovely Fathers Day … Thanks for stopping by! My next post is all about surviving the school holidays!