Study Bug Nerves …

studyadamlevineThroughout the past several years I have undertaken distance education through various universities. My end goal is to become a Primary school teacher. The irony of this is not lost on me, considering my three children CONSTANTLY keep me on my toes and drive me mad (in great ways, of course!)

I recently received some results that were a pleasurable surprise! I didn’t think I ‘understood’ the assignment at all, yet I trucked on, and  You Should Be Studying gained assistance from emailing the tutor (HIGHLY RECOMMEND THIS AVENUE, it’s what they’re there for – I now realise this only having just sucked it up and given in to asking for assistance/clarification!) and especially gaining help from online supportive friends. In the end, I gained a High Distinction, and a Distinction overall,  and by gosh, I am very proud of it. Whenever I am doing assignments, that little self doubt voice rears it’s ugly head and tells me I’m not good enough, I’ll never make it, and to just give up. I guess because in the past I haven’t committed, and as a result, failed some subjects.

The other week, I went to a seminar session with Emazon. I’ve seen her before, and little moments of that session have always resonated with me (although putting into practice is a constant challenge!). She went into some details over no such thing as re-programming the mind> It’s all about new programming. I think that when it comes to my university studies, this is the one thing I need to remember. Forget about the past, it’s happened. Some things might stay in the brain that can come in handy, when it comes to assignments, but all those fails, I can now rise and program myself to succeed. From all my worrying about failing, and having to re-do subjects because I didn’t receive cross-credit, I didn’t even realise that I have completed my first year of university!!! (All except 10 days of practicum placement, which can be done when I am able to get into primary schools!) Hooray! I NEVER thought I’d be able to say that, it feels like I have been doing this for years (which I have!!!)

Sooo, next week the university trimester is back. I am starting to panic a little, and the nerves are making me second guess myself. I feel overwhelmed with having to run a house, round up and raise three children, help out with school community projects, run a successful direct sales business, AND complete university. BUT.. I’m new programming, and thinking positive. If it’s really what I want, I know I will succeed. I know that over the weekend, I need to plan, plan, plan. Learning to use my time wisely is an ongoing lesson, and I look forward to succeeding in all areas.


What are your top study tips?! What keeps you concentrating, and/or motivated?!

Wish me luck, as I throw our life into chaos for another semester of bettering myself and attaining a dream!


Wednesday Weigh-In Week 9

I have a busy day today and wasn’t sure when I’d get to the computer, so I’ll update you quickly through a phone post!


Today I went for a morning run. I had to briefly pause and capture this image as it was too good to give up.. I can’t believe I used to sleep through this time of the morning!

So last week I had a 200 gram gain, which I attribute to some relaxed
Food choices and not enough exercise. This week I had completed the 8km run and was convinced there would be a
Loss of some type. I’ve been watching my food and making sure I workout. Amazing what happens when you do that!!!



I am 100 grams away from 12kg loss!!
Lots and lots and lots of Focus and hard work…….. We’ve got 3 weeks (less than) in this round and I’m excited that I’ve been able to smash my early goals.

At the beginning of the pre-season tasks my Goals were to lose 5kgs in 3 months and run 1km without stopping…SMASHED IT already!! Oh and my 6 month goal was to buy clothes in the “normal” area of a
Store! I was able to do that the other day!! I bought a size 16 jeans!!! My goal is 12 and it’s creeping closer and closer! I just have to put one foot in front of the other….. Here’s another early morning pic I took today….un-fun thing about Summer outside: scanning for snakes and the bloody early morning fly population!!!!!