Random Ramblings of Nothing At All

Just thought I’d spin a quick blog post out because it’s been ages.

Hope you’re all doing well in bloggy land! Things have been busy here.

I’ve discovered geocaching and love love love it

I’ve decided to apply to a different university, for the same/similar degree with hopes I’ll get more support

I’ve rallied support and started a Bushfire appeal, which snowballed into amazing things

I’ve felt lost and lonely, even when surrounded by people with smiling faces

I’ve run a 10km fun run full of hills in 1hr 3mins (actually, apparently it was only 7.5km, due to a change of finish line!)

I became an Avon Lady *ding dong*

I’ve realised that I’m not happy with my fitness/weight/shape and have been back at the gym consistently

I’ve started a Paleo Primal lifestyle and haven’t eaten bread in 2 weeks!

I’ve lost 2.2kgs in 2 weeks

I’ve sent my middle child to Kindergarten orientation for 2014!

I’ve fought

I’ve kissed and made up

I’ve had a hair cut

and what’s to come…

On Thursday I’m traveling to see a bestest friend in another state. This person gets me with no judgement and no hassles; friendship at it’s finest

I’m getting a tattoo in 2 sleeps

and finally….

I’ve been me.

What have you done?


Chalk Boards & Goals



Hi There!

Long time, no post! I have been super duper busy, and neglected this little site for too long! It’s time to come back and try to make it a regular update again!

So.. this post is all about goal setting. I tend to be extreme. I either go all in with something, or I just go .. meh.
One of these things seems to be goal setting. When I did my first round of 12wbt I noticed goal setting was super important, and because I was so determined to reach some goals, I did go all in. The results spoke for themselves, so I’ve often wondered why I haven’t had much success since then. It’s obvious! I hadn’t been setting achievable goals!

I recently purchased a tin of ‘blackboard’ paint from Aldi. A super awesome buy that I was going to use to repaint the kids chalkboard that had been decorated with textas! I was pretty much addicted from the get go! I kind of wanted to paint my whole house in it so I could draw all over it!! Pretty sure hubby wouldn’t be up for that!! haha! So, I found a piece of board that goes to the kids whiteboard and decided I’d paint that. I was going to use it as a shopping list, but then I had a thought… what if I used it every day and put some small, yet achievable goals to work towards. I decided that they weren’t going to be ‘set in stone’ (obviously, it’s a chalkboard, not stone!!) and if I didn’t get ALL of them done in a day, it wasn’t going to be tragic. Like I said, I tend to be a high achiever and go all in, and then get disappointed if it doesn’t work out….

The results have been cathartic. Every day I get up and think about the goals I’d like to do today. Some are practical, some are fun, and some are to do with house stuff. Mainly though, they are reminders for me. Something for me to pass by and say “Oh, that’s right, I was going to do that today!”
I’m posting these via Instagram at the moment. Feel free to find and follow me if you’re not already – I’m at SydneyGen .. I’ve also posted them below, to give you an idea of what sort of goals I’m setting. I’d love to hear about your goals, how you think about them, set them, achieve them? What do you think is important? Leave me a comment!!!

P.S You’ll notice on one of them that there is a word “WOOF” and a picture of a “pocket with a sunshine poking out” .. this was on the weekend, when I neglected my poor chalk board. I soon came to discover, that if I didn’t set myself some goals, no matter what they were, the black dog decided to snuggle up for awhile. To me, this reaffirmed the need to give myself direction, in order to move forward!!! Lesson learned!

Talking About Dogs..NOT the Furry Fun Kind….

We interrupt our regularly scheduled program to talk about dogs….

That’s right. I was supposed to write about the school holidays that have now long gone, but instead I feel the need to post about the dog that visited me for snuggles yesterday.

I love dogs. I would definitely be classified as a Dog person, unfortunately this is not the type of dog I like to pet, snuggle and visit with. This was ‘the black dog’. I just wanted to document, mainly for my own self, how easily it can be to go from high to low in one day.

I had a lovely morning yesterday. I got the kids off to school and daycare, and then the youngest and I went to have a coffee with a wonderful friend. WE don’t catch up enough in real life, but I so do enjoy it when we do. We had coffee, chatted and took Little Miss to the nearby park. It was lovely, relaxing and enjoyable.

How can you not LOVE and SMILE at this?!?!!

After a couple of hours, I got some lunch and headed home. My problem began when I walked into the house. I have been studying and neglecting housework so very much, and it was evident yesterday. The amount of ‘toys’ and “useless crap” that was lying around, dishes not done, kitchen a mess, was completely overwhelming. I ate lunch and put Lil Miss down for her nap.

Now here would have been a good time to get up and start clearing and cleaning away all the mess. I didn’t have distractions of a child following behind pulling things out, it was a lovely day, I had a full belly from lunch., but you know what I did? I had a sudden overwhelming urge to give up. It was a feeling inside me that crept up so gently, all I could feel was my chest hurting and the need to cry.  That was when I realized, the black dog had come knocking at the door. Not so much knocking, as showing itself in through the doggy door and settling in my lap.
All I could do was lie in bed and cuddle my blanket wondering why I could be feeling this way. My life is wonderful, I have a supportive husband, a great house, a car, I’m studying. Just another example of how this damn thing doesn’t discriminate. Luckily for me, I feel that my journey through this and the impact, or ‘length of visits’ seem to be assisted and shortened with the help of social media. My twitter followers are great, and all I have to do is tweet something about how I’m feeling and I’m overwhelmed with new ways to think and cope, and distractions to get me back on track.

At the height of my snuggles with the Black Dog

I’m also amazingly lucky to have my husband in my life. For all the pressures he is under at work, he always ‘just knows me’ and knows when I need him, even without telling him. Unbeknownst to me, he had thought I needed a break from having to wake Lil Miss and get Mr5 from school, so came home early to do a brief stopover, before continuing with his work! He was able to come home, hold me and understand.

While he left to get Mr5 I decided to have a shower and reclaim my day. There was to be no more snuggling with the black dog, things needed to be done.  Showered and dragging myself away from the computer, I started slowly… just as I had finished cleaning my kitchen, and hanging the dishcloths to dry, there was a burst of sunshine through the back doors. I smiled, for the first time in hours, realizing that the signs were there telling me to just do it. Move and keep moving. All will be ok.

By the end of the night, I’m happy to report, I had reclaimed my living room of all the children’s toys, moving them into a separate area, away from the living room. My anxiety peaks whenever I see so much mess from the kids. I’ve decided that if I take that mess away, and it’s out-of-sight, I can get my anxiety under control.

My house is now clean, tidy and I am feeling much better today. I wasn’t impressed with the visit from the dog, but I’m grateful I was able to push through it and come out the other side. It’s just amazing to me, how quickly it can creep up and take over every thought, every feeling, every sense of your being. Even when you are internally telling yourself you do not want to feel this way, You are chanting for it to go away.

Time heals all things, and with help, I know I Will get through this. I have been terrible about getting further assistance with this, but yesterday affirmed for me, I need to make it a priority.

That’s it for now…. I’ll try to post about the school holidays next… and then I’m starting to blog as a part of a Mummy blog challenge….. I’ll fill you in more soon!!

Like I said, this post was more for me, but I thank you for reading….


~ Something else I forgot to add, which was an incredibly important part to not succumbing too much to the black dog, was the fact that I have gained 4kgs since my weight loss journey ended, well really 6 when I was at my optimum. I am struggling with getting back on track and doing the right thing food wise. Knowing it’s 80% food choice is a mantra I keep telling myself. Yesterday when I was at a low, I kept chanting to myself – I am not hungry, I am not hungry…this is the black dog talking.. do not eat meaningless food to make yourself better….. I will admit that It was HARD! In the past I would have opened the cupboards and eaten ANYTHING and EVERYTHING, regardless of what it was. I’d make something if there was nothing. With the education I received on the 12WBT program, I was able to convince myself not to eat. A little win for me!!

Jumping Back Into The Blog Life!

Yes, it really is a blog post! The first in …. 1-2-3 months? No, make that, all year!! Whoopsie! I’ve been so busy and the blog took a back burner, but I’m back!!! I’ve also changed the name of the blog and have decided to make it a general topic one, rather than a ‘weight loss’ one.

Since I’ve been gone I’ve done so, so many things!

In February I had the chance the meet Michelle Bridges at a book signing!! It was great to say Hello and Thank you to the person who’s helped to change my views and ways to live life!


In April I signed up and completed the Canberra Times 10km fun run. It was a great goal to have and was a really fun time. My husband did it with me and being his first time, it was a really great atmosphere.


In May, for the first time in the 5 years I’ve been lucky enough to celebrate Mother’s Day, I did not sleep in!!! Instead I participated in the Mother’s Day Classic and did the 4km walk. I was originally going to run, but hubs wanted to participate in the run, so I went in the next event. The kids had a great time getting faces painted, dancing the music and jumping around!


I joined a fantastic group of Sydney 12WBTers and we climbed Mt Kosciusko! The highest point in Australia! It was an AMAZING feeling and achievement and I was very, very grateful to get the last minute opportunity thanks to Rach, a fellow member of the 12WBT who couldn’t make it.

Image   Image ImageImage

I attempted a second round of the Michelle Bridges 12WBT, after a very successful 18kg loss my first round. Unfortunately I didn’t commit myself the way I should have and there was no progress, but no setbacks either.

I also had the opportunity to travel (alone!!!) to America and visit with some awesome people that I’ve known online, and in life’s past. It was absolutely wonderful! I went to Vegas and almost lost a whole day after experiencing things the way they should be!!! It was a very Hangover moment when I woke up in the middle of the day, I threw up, and discovered I’d lost half a toenail..oh and I think I was still sleeping in a formal dress I bought?!?  I hired a car and ended up with a Convertible Mustang, Yellow! My very own Bumblebee! I cruised along the highway from Las Vegas to Arizona and had the most amazing, soul-searching, quiet, experience. When “they” say some things are good for the soul, I think those moments where what “they” were talking about!


So why am I back to blogging? Well I am mainly doing it as a place to put my thoughts down, on life, love, everything in between, and also because after gaining 2kgs I’ve realised that I am not finished with my weight loss and fitness journey. There is still much to do. By acknowledging that here, I feel that I can keep myself accountable and have a place to diarise all the mundane, or the fun stuff! I’m still having my children involved with all things fitness and my 5year old son is always excited to join me on a ‘run’. We recently bought him a good pair of joggers and he can’t get enough of it!


I’m also on an “organising” spree with my life. That includes house, life and everything in between! I was recently introduced to The Organised Housewife blog and I am in love! Simple, easy tips to get things back in order! Yesterday I spent ALL day going through a handy-dandy check-list from the website and I have to say, I’ve never felt so focused or in control when it came to the housework! I’ve always wanted to be a 50’s housewife! You know the one? Clean house, dinner on the table, kids happy, secretly sipping vodka in her water glass all day long!!!

Here’s my first attempt at organising: 3 kids means 3 lots of bags and clothes that need to be sorted. I’ve now used our hallway as a bag station because I figured we always have to go through it to get to the front door, or to the back room where we live most of the time. I also created an art of the week spot, so that we can rotate the artwork, and finally get it off my fridge, which made it look so cluttered!


I’m also participating in the 20 Days to organise & clean your home challenge being run by The Organised Housewife blog I mentioned above. Pre-season tasks are the order of the day at the moment and the excitement is great! I’m holding on to hope I can complete this challenge and be more centred in the home and life!

On top of everything I’ve listed I’ve done many more things, and have also started university! I’m studying to be an Early Childhood/Primary school teacher. It’s been a life long goal of mine and the timing all fell into place. I’m doing it all online, which is an interesting concept, and am learning many great lessons in needing to be organised, prioritising, NOT-procrastinating, and to focus! I’ll have many, many years until I’m finally in a classroom, but all good things come to those who work hard!!

So that’s it…. We’ve got a long way to go, but everything is moving along nicely! I hope you’ll join me from time to time on this never ending journey called… Life!


It’s Not A Bucket List If I’m Not Planning To Die Any Time Soon, Right?

Soooo….. as many of you reading the blog are aware, I have been participating in the Michelle Bridges 12 week body transformation program. I signed up full of nerves and excitement, unaware of how exactly it would change my life. Change my life, it has!!!

Not only have I lost an amount of weight I never thought I could, I’ve also felt so much better about myself and about life. My only problem is, I’m a stay-at-home-Mum to three children under four and it can get mundane. I wouldn’t swap my children for the world because they make me a better person. Thing is, I was reflecting on the focus I’ve had for the past 12 weeks and I’ve been thinking I need something else in my life. I can’t seem to find a part-time or after-hours job anywhere *insert sad face* and for that I’ve really been feeling unfulfilled.  I’ve felt like a third wheel all my life, and I’ve been trying to figure out a way to deal with these issues. My very wise Mum told me it was time to make my own wheel, so I’m going for it. That’s why I’ve decided to make a Bucket List.

I’ve decided to call it It’s-Not-Really-A-Bucket-List-Because-I-Don’t-Plan-On-Being-Dead or INRABLBIDPOBD for short. Great idea, right?!? So, I’m giving myself until December 31st to make the list, and I’m giving myself 5 years from January, 1st 2012 to complete them.

This is where you come in. I want to know what you think I should put on my INRABLBIDPOBD. Is there somewhere you’ve been, or something you’ve done that you think would make me a better person, or make me see the world in a different light? Is there an experience, or a book you’ve read that has changed your life? I want to know about it, so I can add it to the list!  I’m up for ‘just about anything’ … there are some things I just can’t do.. like eating slugs and snails, but you get the idea…..

I’ve started compiling my list and so far we have….

VISIT MACHU PICHU – this has been a DREAM of mine for a very long time, I am extremely interested in archaeology and want to go to Peru to see this wonder of the world.

WORK ON AN ARCHAEOLOGICAL DIG SOMEWHERE IN THE WORLD  – it’s dirty work, but someones gotta do it!

VISIT EGYPT  – Egyptology is fascinating, I’d love to see more, up close and personal.

COMPLETE A 1/2 MARATHON EVERY YEAR FOR 5 YEARS. – You might remember I blogged that I’ve completed 2 1/2 marathons years  ago, when I was living overseas. I’ve recently started running again and think this is a very fulfilling task

ATTEND THE WRITING COMMUNITY MEET-UP IN LAS VEGAS IN JUNE 2012  – those who know me, know that I am frantically trying to eBay, sell, auction anything to get money for this, a job would be nice, but haven’t had much luck!

RECONNECT WITH MY BIRTH FAMILY – My birth father is no longer living, but I believe I do have family that live in SA that I really should connect with.

LOSE ANOTHER 5-7 KILOS TO GET TO OPTIMUM WEIGHT – It’s true that I’ve lost quite a lot of weight already, but I’m not there yet! Will be signing up to the next round of the Michelle Bridges 12 week body transformation, set to start in February 2012.



These are all together as they all mean the same thing. The music of these guys has touched me beyond words and I’d love nothing more than to see them sing their tunes live. I’ve already seen Bobby Long live and it was Fantastic.

BE AN EXTRA IN A MOVIE or TV SHOW  – We can all dream, right? Voted Most Likely to become an Actress in High school *laughs* so let’s see if we can make it onscreen, even if it’s just in the background!


VISIT HAWAII – who hasn’t always wanted to go to Hawaii? I know I do!

EXPERIENCE MARDI GRAS IN NEW ORLEANS, LA – this was suggested to me from someone who grew up in NOLA.

EXPERIENCE SYDNEY MARDI GRAS – very much UNLIKE the NOLA Mardi Gras, but just as fun! I live in Sydney, but have never been!

LEARN TO PLAY THE GUITAR – I’ve mentioned how much I love the guitar in music. I remember learning Bad Moon Rising in grade 6, but that was it! I’d love nothing more than to learn guitar..anyone wanna teach me!?

So come on readers! Bring me your best items for my bucket. I’ll keep adding and on December 31st, 2011, will post the final list! Then you can watch me tick each one-off and maybe even help along the way! After all, it’s not called Social Networking for nothing?!!!

I’ll see you all for Wednesday Weigh-In tomorrow! Last one for this rounds challenge!!!