Mini Monday – Life’s Better With Cake

It’s been a few weeks since I posted, and that topic was a little… depressing.. SOooooooo.. I’ve decided that today required a Mini Monday post!

As a mother, it’s my job to do right by my kids. Quite often that’s saying No when I know that saying yes would prevent the screaming, meltdowns, tantrums and general dislike. However, there are sometimes when small things can make such a huge difference.

I took the two girls to the shop the other day to fill up our trolley full of groceries. As I passed the cake aisle I noticed a huge mark-down ticket on the fun novelty cakes. Having previously had one of these cakes for Mr6’s birthday I knew they were of an ‘okay’ variety, regarding ingredients. Not perfect, but okay.

So, after much debate and some rock, paper, scissors, we picked a cake! For no other reason than sometimes, days are just better with cake. The kids had so much fun, pretending it was everyone’s birthday, and then cutting it. According to Mr6, Miss4 now has to kiss a boy because she touched the bottom!


So next time you’re in the midst of a rough day, or you just feel like there’s too many “no’s” in your life… stop.. relax.. and eat cake!! (Unless you’re like me, and don’t eat any of the ingredients included in cake, in which case, buy someone else a cake, and make their day!!!!)

Have a great week x

R U OK? – It’s OK To Say NO

Today is once again, R U OK day in Australia. This initiative started as a movement to raise awareness and open channels to help people struggling with life. According to the RUOK website

The R U OK? Foundation is a not-for-profit organisation dedicated to encouraging all people to regularly and meaningfully ask ‘are you ok?’ to support those struggling with life.

R U OK?Day is our national day of action on the second Thursday of September (12 September 2013), and dedicated to reminding people to regularly check in with family and friends. We also have Resources for You to use throughout the year to help you ask ‘are you ok?’ regularly of family, friends and colleagues.    Stephen Fry

You might remember that last year I wrote a blog post about it, and at the time, I was NOT OK. You can read all about the reasons here: R U OK 2012.

Since then I have had many struggles, up and down, and I am still working through them, but for today, I can say, “I am OK”. Who knows what tomorrow brings. My anxiety peaks and waves, comes and goes. Some days I feel like I can conquer the world, and some days I feel like I want to hide out in my room all day and not talk to anyone.

The reason I’m bringing this up is because I want to ask YOU the question: ARE YOU OK? R U OK? ARE YOU ALRIGHT? Nothing is ever black, and white. I know nothing can ever be solved with a cup of tea, but it sure can ease a burden! Let me be your tea-maker. I am HERE for you. I will listen, I will not judge, and I will not set out to solve the worlds problems. Sometimes all you want is a friend to listen and acknowledge, not judge, not try to solve the issues, or tell you where you might be going wrong. I am your friend.

Not AloneIf you don’t want to talk to me, just know that You are NOT alone. With the progress in social media and the access we all have to the internet, I have found that you are open to a world of opportunity and hope. If you have anxiety about being in public situations, you can be comfortable in your own home and reach out. If you don’t like the way you look and it makes you depressed, you can be behind a computer screen asking for advice. You don’t have to put yourself in situations that may cause you to be even more “not OK”.

So, today, at this point in time, why am I feeling OK? I think it has something to do with finally seeing a psychologist. It took me a couple of goes, and it’s not always first one is the best choice, but the one I have been seeing was not trying to read my head, or solve the worlds problems of why I am the way I am. We were simply letting it be and working with how we can work with that. It’s hard work, and it’s not all roses and sunshine, but the one thing I have learned is, FriendsEveryone needs someone to talk to. By talking about my issues with someone who was non-judgmental, my whole attitude changed. I’m no longer holding onto feelings inside myself, and no longer taking it out on my loved ones. Again, not always having great days, and yes I regress, but I know that I’m getting better. You can too. All you need to do is ask the question.

I hope you are aware that you are not alone. You will be OK. There is help available. If you go to one doctor and they say they don’t believe in ‘depression/anxiety’ then go to a different doctor. Start doing Yoga (I know it sounds naff, but it did help me!). Start exercising, even just a 15 minute walk outside in the fresh air will clear your mind and help.  If you want to send me a private message, then please do. My email is: .

I’ve listed some resources that you can go and check out and maybe gain a little further information and maybe some help?



Beyond Blue

R U OK Day

Dancing with the Black Dog – A blog

and just remember:


Doing Things I Said I Would Never Do….

So basically, I’ve gone and done TWO things I said I’d never do!

ONE: I joined a gym (and I’ve been going!!!!)

TWO: I have been running on the treadmill (and not hating it!)

Slinky on a Treadmill
Slinky on a Treadmill…. your argument is invalid…

We’ve recently had one of those 24 hour gyms open in the neighbourhood and I know a lot of people who have joined it. I always said, “Oh I can’t join a gym, I’ve got no time..or … What would I do with the kids? By the time it’s evening, I’m stuffed!!”  So when I saw another local gym set up a booth at the local shopping centre I was intrigued… because the big sign said “LADIES ONLY AREA” and “CHILD MINDING” … ding ding ding!!! Two definite things that have always made me err at the thought of a gym. I curiously went up and spoke to the girl, and was surprised at all they were offering! Some great deals on joining, no need to pay until Spring, child minding included, reasonable hours, good location, classes at perfect times, and NOT THAT Expensive!!!!  If ever I was looking for a sign, I thought I’d found it! I took the information and went home to discuss with my husband. It would be a decision that needed to be jointly made, and the budget adjusted accordingly. He was very supportive and agreed I should go for it! So, a couple of days later I signed up! That was Friday… I was excited to get rid of the excess 10kg I’ve put on in the last year (gasp…yup….I’ve let myself slip A LOT!). I want to fit back into the jeans I have just waiting to be worn!! I want to feel better, and to not be so lethargic.I started on Monday, and besides a minor hiccup yesterday (Wednesday) of dropping a ceramic bowl on my toe and my knee being sore from a little hyper extension on the elliptical (btw elliptical, we are no longer friends) I have been going every day, straight after school drop off, so there’s no excuses!! The girls enjoy going to the children’s corner and it has everything they could want or need, including a friend they already know!!!

That brings me to the number two thing. I always said Treadmills were boring… I guess I said that when it wasn’t Winter, and it wasn’t cold and rainy outside!!!! I’ve eased back into my running by starting the C2K program (Couch to 5km) although I skipped straight to week 2. I’m not a hater of the treadmill anymore, and I know that once I’ve shed a few kilos and not as heavy, I’ll feel much better about hitting the road again. I still like being outdoors, and feel I run farther when I am, but for the meantime, I’ll use the nice cosy gym ones (equipped with tvs and internet!!).

What I look like - funny running picture

So there you go. I’ve stepped out of my comfort zone and I’m gymming it. I haven’t even been to the ladies area yet! I’ve done some ab work in the general area, and just stayed in my little zone!! Everyone is there for the same reason, so yeah… I don’t even care!  Hopefully, in a months time I’ll start seeing significant changes. My mind is already starting to swirl itself back into possibilities. Making things a lot clearer. I’m excited again. I have my fitness eval and program write up next week… then we can get onto some strength activities, as well as losing the fat! Now.. if I could JUST get onto that housework that forever evades me.. or do I evade it?!!

In other news.. I have “The Greatest Athlete” obstacle course coming up next weekend. I’m scared witless!! It’s going to be fun, but Oh My!!!! Definitely the “weekend warrior” here! I’m also pretty pumped about the following weekend when the WHOLE family completes the The Swisse Color Run ! Hubby and I did it last year and had a load of fun throwing colour at each other, we thought this year it would be fun to take the kids and let them have fun too!! I’m off to get some ‘goggles’ for the girls and maybe a drop sheet for the double jogger pram!? I’ll update with pics once these events have happened!! In the mean time…. thanks for reading!

Be Safe – Sparkle & Shine – Be Happy

Cut it ALL OFF…

So a few weeks ago I did an outrageous thing and I absolutely LOVED IT!!!!

I cut off ALL MY HAIR!! … okay, so not ALL my hair, because then I’d be bald, but I cut off most of my hair. I’ve been unhappy with my hair for a long time. It’s frizzy, it’s gross, I had tried to strip the ‘colour’ out of it, and all I ever did was it was pull it up into a pony, and I was over it!!! Completely!  I’ve wanted short hair for a long time. I’ve wanted really short hair for a long time, but I just haven’t been brave enough. Every time I had my hair cut short it was ‘bobbed’ and looked ‘cute’ for the night it was cut, and then I’d wash it and it’d be a triangular frizzy mess, having me scramble for pins and bits and bobs to pull it back into order. So when I went to a local hairdresser for the kids, and a friend was there, I received some gentle encouragement (read: Yelling, DO IT DO IT DO IT) to go for it. Get it all cut off! I showed the hairdresser this picture:

(How freakin adorable is Carey Mulligan!?!?!!)

So I showed the hairdresser this (including a pic of the back) and she said “Yeah, of course, let’s do it”!!! I was sooooo excited!!! I’ve always wanted a pixie cut! I mean, fairies are real and all (just ask my kids!)

Soooo.. wash wash, massage (beeeest part of hairdressers!), snip snip, cut cut, snip snip, cut cut, blowdry and VOILA.. I was done!!! I LOVED IT!!! I LOVE IT!! I am so very very happy with the end result!!!!!!!!! It’s been almost 4 weeks and actually, I think I need to go and get some maintenance mowing done. It’s looking a little rough around the edges, and seems to be growing a lot more than it did when it was longer! What I love the most is that I feel better. I don’t feel as drab, even on my drabbiest of drab days! I get up in the morning and this haircut REQUIRES me to do something with it! My hair is naturally wavy, and naturally frizzy, so a lil bit of this and a lil bit of that and I’m ready to go! I also get to steal all of Miss4’s headbands and cute hair clips ala The Great Gatsby, Woot!

To put it into perspective.. here are some ‘before pics’…. DUN DUN DUUUUUUN… (you’ll get that if you’ve seen The Croods!!!)



Sooo now… here are the pics of my epic pixie haaaaaaaiiiiirrrcut…

20130715_110450The Back!!!!! So short! THAT’S WHAT MY NECK LOOKS LIKE!!!!!

IMG_20130715_114117THE FRONT! all Blown to perfection!!

Of course, being the practical person that I am, there is NO WAY I’d be able to blow dry my hair like that, so yeah… I went home and washed it! Plus I wanted to see how little shampoo and conditioner I really needed (oh hai, budget saver!)

IMG_20130715_132426Pretty darn pleased with the way it sits with a little frizz-ease and a light blow-dry!

and how it is every other day of the year….


Woohoo to stealing the girls’ hair accessories!!

So there you have it! I love it, and I’m not sure I’ll ever go back to longer hair… only time will tell. The last time I had hair this short I looked liked this…


so for now.. I’ll stick with this!


So I’m pretty sure I’ve just created a huge blog dedicated to my hair….. yeah… that’s interesting!! Anywho.. it’s been great being off Facebook and taking a break, but for the record – I have one assessment due this weekend and then I’m BACK for good!! I missed you all! Until next time…

Be Safe, Shine & Sparkle, and Be Kind.. to Yourself

Oh and Dry July.. SMASHED IT!!!!

Emazoning it…. Learning to walk before I run

This week has been a topsy-turvy week in the SydneyGen world of things-that-happen…..

Our youngest has been hit with a horrible sickness, and her usual vibrant self is nowhere to be seen. It’s taken 2 doctors visits to finally diagnose tonsillitis, so with the proper medication, I’m hoping we all get some sleep relief soon! Speaking of sleep…. an interesting thing happened to me last night.

I attended a free (absolute BARGAIN) one and a half hour session with Emazon (Stand Your Ground) thanks to the wonderful girls at Designed 2 Fit gym.  If you haven’t heard of Emazon before, she’s been on The Biggest Loser, and Australia’s Next Top Model. From her website: Emazon travels the country as a keynote speaker, presenter and coach. STAND YOUR GROUND is the renowned mind body workshop that has toured the country for over 5 years. A provocative and unconventional insight into our health, weightloss, self image, personal authority and self destructive behaviours.

Anywho… for an hour I got to put on some very cool red wrist wraps, that immediately got me into the ‘zone’ and belt out some boxing and get my mind into some focus points.. basically, I got to forget about the world and my life for an hour and a half. Whilst I really enjoyed the boxing aspect of it, and the way that Emazon made you micro focus, I got the most of the session at the end. She ran us through a breathing technique and relaxation, which of course I loved, as it w photo IMG_5234_zpsb9ac3a6a.jpgas very yoga-esque. Then, she spoke to us about some ‘techy stuff’ to do with our bodies, brains and functioning. As she was speaking I was listening and nodding along. Everything she was saying I was thinking, “yes, yes, yes that’s me, yes” … I don’t get enough sleep. I don’t sleep at the optimum times, I don’t handle my body correctly, and I’ve definitely done too much too fast in everything, to be able to maintain a proper, consistent form of living and weight loss.  I asked a question about how “us mothers with young ones” are supposed to get the “eight hours” sleep, when it’s a fantasy. The answer wasn’t as complicated as I thought. If I can’t get the eight hours, then it’s more beneficial for me to be asleep between 10pm-1am in the ‘deepest’ part of sleep. That means I start a going-to-bed ritual a lot earlier than I usually do. I turn off technology, I calm my brain down, and make it a habit to sleep sooner, rather than later. Surely that can’t be too hard!!

At the moment, I’m really unhappy with how I feel I’ve let myself go. In the last year I’ve gained 10kgs and I can feel every little bit of it. Interestingly though, instead of thinking I have to go hell-for-leather and start immediately.. it was pointed out, that in order for our bodies to not rebel on us, or go into shock, we have to ease into things. So, with that in mind, I am not jumping straight onto the 1200 calorie eating plan again, I am not going to attempt to run 8kms again, instead… I’m going to slowly ease my calories down to 1200 over the next two weeks, and I’m going to start walking as much as I can. This is my ‘say it out loud’ and I’m hoping you’ll hold me accountable!

I was very lucky to have a wonderful stranger gift me a ‘group session’ that she had won in the lucky door prize. I thought I was going to cry!! It’s those small things that need to push me. Last night I saw some people I hadn’t seen in a very long time, it was like a mini 12wbt reunion. I was so happy seeing them, and realised that by isolating myself, and not seeing them I have not been ‘surrounding myself with things that help’ … These were girls I climbed the highest mountain with (literally) and they’re the type of people who will gently push and encourage and you listen, because they’re going through exactly the same thing you are! So in saying that. I am also going to work out how I can afford regular gym sessions, one-on-ones and group training.  I’d love to go to the Emazon convention in October, but some things are beyond reach… for now.


Middle and Center for the Team Photo!!

Err so what was this post all about then? Ummm.. it was just me wanting to express that A: I don’t like the way I am right now. B: I know I can change this. C: I will change myself slowly and surely. D: I recommend you look up Emazon and check her out. E: The girls at Designed 2 Fit are awesome. F: I will surround myself with people that help me be the best version I can be. G: Tonsillitis in littlies sucks H: I don’t need to get through the whole alphabet because this post is long enough.

Until next time….  Stand Proud and JUST Be the Best You Can Be!

Wednesday Weigh-In Week 11 + Revisiting Goals and Expectations

It’s week 11 of the 12 week body transformation program that I signed up for. I can’t believe it’s been almost 3 months.  In pre-season we set goals for ourselves. As this round comes to a close I thought it would be good to go back and see what the ‘pre-season’ goals I had written for myself were, and to check out how far along I had come. Well then, wasn’t I a low expectation setter!!!

1 month goal: lose 1-2kgs – run ANY distance without huffing and puffing — CHECK

3 month goal: lose 5kgs – Run without needing to stop after a few minutes – CHECK
Buy a pair of jeans in the ‘normal’ section – CHECK

6 month gaol: lose 10kgs – Run 4kms without stopping

As you can see, I blitzed 1 & 3 month goals and need a heavy re-evaluation!! As for the 6 month goal, I still have 3 months to get to the 4kms without stopping, but that should be helped along with the Run Clinic I’m doing this weekend through Mind Body Motion Fitness Solutions.

My new goals are to run as many fun-runs as I can leading up to a half-marathon. I’m thinking of giving myself about 6 months for this goal.

As for the weight – the numbers are in for this week! I’ve been pushing myself on the weekends and again, hit the 1000 calorie mark on Saturday and then attended a Boxing training class at the park on Sundays with a program called Pain in the Park with AC Fitness. Combined with at-home workouts and eating well I’ve lost more weight this week!

After yesterdays post I’ve had time to reflect and come to realise that I do need to be concentrating on how far I’ve come, instead of how far I want to go. In working towards success I must also celebrate the victories that I’ve achieved. I’ve said previously that you must celebrate the small things, in order to see the big picture. Looking at these numbers I surely can say without a doubt that I am smiling at my success.

If ever there was a time where I thought I would doubt myself, or I thought that I’d just do it tomorrow, it’s now. I’ve stepped up the plate and I’ve met the challenges set out for us and the changes that needed to happen, head on. I always seem to go into things enthusiastically and full-force, and I believe in one of the earlier posts I mentioned that I often start to fade and end up missing out on the completion of tasks. Or I get distracted and move onto other things. I decided to join up for this round because I knew I needed the help to stay focused and I needed the right person to tell me how it is and what to do. Seriously, this program has been that. A life-saver really.

I can’t say that this has been easy to do, but the moment I took control and responsibility of my actions it did become a lot, lot easier.

In saying that, it actually wasn’t all that hard to stop doing the things we’d been doing to sabotage ourselves. I remember a couple of months ago, my husband and I decided to add up a ‘typical Sunday’ in regards to food. A typical day when we didn’t really watch our food or portion sizes and we thought we were doing good, because we were having salad with dinner… I was HORRIFIED to see that it all added up to over 4000 calories!! I can’t believe I was putting that through my body, then sitting and being miserable because I felt so fat!!! The lessons in mind and body that this program has taught me have become so invaluable to me. Only last night my husband and I were discussing food and I pointed to a nice dessert in a magazine saying that it looked really good. He actually said to me that it didn’t really appeal to him. I nearly fell off my chair. This is the dessert man and the man who would sit and eat a whole block of chocolate, not three months ago! It’s as if our body chemistry has changed and we no longer crave that manufactured food!!  What a bloody wonderful thing that is!!! Although I did say I could go one of those gorgeous french pastries you find in the boutique bakeries!!!!

I’m a  huge believer in the program and if you want to change, then I say go for it. Do it. But know this…You have to commit over 100 % of yourself to the program and the lessons. Nobody can do it for you and nobody can change you, but yourself. People can ‘help’ you along with support and such, but in the end it’s you that has to do the hard work. It won’t happen overnight, but it will happen *insert hair flick!* and although times might get tough and you might want to give-up, it’s a lifestyle change,  not just a fad and not just an in-the-moment-ideal…a new way of life.. a new lease on life! Creating the best version of me that I possibly can.

The weather lately hasn’t been the best. We’ve gone from hot-as-hell to rainy-and-want-to-stay-in-bed weather! This morning was a definite CBF day but I thought I better get down and do something! Pilates seems to be my go-to when I’m in one of those moods. Rather than a high-cal burn it’s still stretching and toning muscles. It’s usually a quick and easy work-out except for this morning. The kids were in cuddly moods too! I just wanted to show you, to prove that YOU can do it too, that work-outs can be done when you have kids, you just have to adapt!!


Mini Milestone Week 8 Smashed

My running bib and spot prize "visor" I won

Holy Grilled Cheesus what have I done?!?! That’s exactly what I thought Saturday morning after picking up our running bib and timing chip for the Brooks Spring into Shape Race 2, at Parramatta Park. You see, my husband and I talked ourselves into changing our distance from 4km to 8km!!!

It’s been seven years since I’ve ‘ran’ any distance of length and I guess I was up for the challenge??  Definitely up for the challenge! It was a beautiful Sydney morning and hubs and I had left the kids at the in-laws and headed into Parramatta. Due to changing the distance we had time up our sleeves, so we popped home and had a quick coffee! Nothing like that little extra oomph to help out! I was actually nervous. I knew in my heart that I could do this, but it was such a big step. I’d been on YouTube checking out running videos and technique to brush up and to prevent injury, and I was raring to go!

Watching everyone come over the line for the 4k race was great and I tried to clap for everyone, knowing that it’s such a huge effort to get out and do any type of distance. I spent the 20 minutes before the start reining in my excitement and nervous energy so that I could use it to my advantage!

Hubs and I at the START - why are we smiling?? We're crazy! We're just about to torture ourselves and we're smiling!

A quick group warm-up and we were ready. I would say there were about a hundred participants, and when the buzzer went off, we all pushed forward.  I had my iPod on and my ‘running track’ music pumping the whole way. The km markers seemed like they were a great distance apart (ha-ha, yeah yeah, I Know, they were 1k apart!!) but each time I saw them I pushed that little bit harder. Going around the first time and onto the second lap I knew I’d made the right choice to change to the 8k. I felt extremely determined. I wasn’t worried about my time, although I was trying to get less than 8 minutes because that is what I’d been doing on my regular flat runs.

The scenery was lovely (erm..I may be talking about the shirtless footy players that had finished training, sorry hunnnni!!) One of the great things about running is anyone can do it! There were so many people of different ages, different shapes and sizes!  With each step I took I knew that this was the right choice for my mini-milestone. As I was coming onto the 7k marker, my iPod switched to “This is the best thing that has ever happened to me” and I couldn’t help but break into a huge smile. This whole journey, the 12WBT journey, has truly been the best journey I’ve had in a very, very, very, very, long time, if not ever!   My husband had left me behind half way through, he’s taller and slightly faster and I didn’t want to hold him back! It was really great to run into the final few metres and have him with me, smiling and encouraging me!!!

The adrenaline shot through me as I crossed the finish line, knowing I had finished it! I had run the 8kms in approximately 1 hour 2 minutes! (There’s been a glitch in the system and my time hasn’t been recorded. I sent an email and they’re having the timing manager look into it).  I walked a few times, to catch my breath and recover, but I am really happy with my efforts!

We did IT!!! Now we can smile and have a valid reason!!! Mini-milestone SMASHED!

I just want everyone to know that being in the right frame of mind and challenging yourself will reap the most awesome benefits!!! I feel great and can’t wait until we do our next event!  I’m also going to do a running clinic at the end of the month, to get to the right ‘tools’ to succeed. I’m definitely looking forward to that!

Wednesday Weigh-In Week 7

It’s a double celebration today and a very busy one, so just a quick blog post—I’ll do a more detailed one tomorrow, I have a few things I want to say!

First off, it’s my youngest daughters 1st birthday!! I can’t believe a year has gone by, but she is a joy and is truly a very happy baby—which makes my life a lot easier, especially with the other 2 terrors gorgeous darlings!

In typical style, she enjoys the cheap stacking cups over the expensive doll!


I’ve also FINALLY DONE IT! It’s taken 7.5 weeks of commitment and focus but I’ve finally done it! I’ve cracked the 10kg loss!!! “Officially, it’s 10.1kgs” and I am more than thrilled!  It was actually unexpected as I’ve felt myself feeling a little unfocused and slipping in regards to socialisation.  I’ve managed to start wearing Size 14 work-out gear and whilst it is ‘snug’, I can still move in it and don’t remember the last time I’ve worn 14. I must admit, I am very unimpressed with the clothing styles/sizes though. I’ve tried on other things that are 16-18 and they haven’t really ‘fit well’. I’m just going to keep going and not purchase any clothes until I can fit into a comfortable 12, at least!!!





I checked out my BMI and to move from Obese to Overweight I only need 1.7 points… that’s a little bit exciting!

My mini-mantra is focus, believe, achieve…. I don’t remember who says it, but they were spot on! It’s about being mature, not letting your inner-voice pout and tell you that it’s okay to eat what you don’t need, or to not exercise today, and it’s also about wanting something so bad that you’ll commit to it.  It’s all about organisation as well! Know what’s coming up (whether it be a party, a night out or a picnic), plan for it, and make your choices around it. That way, you will succeed and continue to!

Weigh-In Week 6 and Emotions-a loaded 8 letter word

Emotions—how one 8 letter word can mean so many things, or have such a huge impact on me is amazing. I feel that this week I’ve been emotionally fragile and on that ever riding non-stop rollercoaster of life, where the highs and lows never seem to fade.

I often go through and re-read my posts in the blog, to see how I’m going and where I’ve come from. I’m glad I do that, and I’m glad I have this to make it possible. I’ve found that some of the things I’ve written, I’ve actually forgotten I was feeling or experiencing.  I also noticed that at the beginning of the program and blog I was relying heavily on expressing emotions. You can see that from the little icons I would put at the bottom of the post.

Although I might say “I’m alright,” quite often it doesn’t mean internally I am. That was until this week. ((TMI warning)) It’s TTOTM (If you have to ask, you must be male!!?!?) and I’ve been feeling extremely flat and blah (refer to last post). I often get extremely lethargic and am in a lot of pain and do not feel enthusiastic about life at all. It’s one of those weeks of curling into a ball and sleeping and escaping. I’m happy to report that’s the old me! I did pout a little, feel a little sorry for myself and do a little scale hopping this week *slaps self on hand-we talked about this!* and I saw that the scales were moving in the up, up, up direction. Instead of pouting and getting shitty about it, I put on my tunnel vision and knew that lazing around, feeling sorry for my self would do nothing but make those numbers stay there, so I got off my arse and exercised. I kept it pretty light this week, but I still moved. I paid particular attention to the food I ate. I’m human; I’m normal. I had those terrible TTOTM cravings and wanted sugary, sweet, fatty useless food. My weekly confession: I tried 1/12th (yes, a tiny smidgen) of a piece of choc iced sprinkle donut that was bought over by a friend (who didn’t know any better). That one tiny bite was DISGUSTING! I couldn’t believe that I didn’t enjoy it at all. It was gross and the flavours sat on my tongue in a most unpleasant way. BOOM—at least we can tick that crappy food off my want list now! Last night I grabbed a handful of ‘hot chips’ that were in front of me (5 in total) and ate them, thinking they’d be yummy and delicious. Anyone who was around last night, when I did this, knows what happened. They were soooo gross. Even grosser than the donut! I felt oil in my mouth and I felt like I’d swallowed a cup full of oil and it sat in my stomach. I actually got nauseous and wanted to go and throw up. Lesson learned. My body is telling me I don’t need it and my mind has finally clicked.

You may “think” you want it, and the emotions that we all experience will convince as that we “want” it, but our body doesn’t “need” it and soon, you won’t even like it. How exciting, right? I think so!

Basically, what I’ve been rambling on about is the fact that Michelle says to “take the emotion out of it” — become disciplined and conscious of what you’re eating. Nowhere in the program does it say you can’t enjoy food. I enjoy food, quite a lot. I never thought I’d say I was looking forward to Lentil Spaghetti Bolognaise, but it’s one of my favourite menu items. Plan, be organised and you won’t be placed in a situation where you might make bad choices.

 The other most important thing I’ve learned from this week is to Never Give Up. It’s true to say that when things  seem ‘too hard,’ you just want to throw in the towel and give up, say screw it, why bother? It’s quite possible to  convince yourself that if the scales don’t move, then it’s not worth it and you’ve just worked out for  nothing…..Well there’s a reason to bother and it isn’t just that fact that you’ll feel such a difference in your life.  Your body, your attitude, everything will change—for the better. I’m not perfect and I’m not emotionless, but I know a journey worth going on is a journey full of experience and wonders and discovery.

Who wants to know about weigh-in?!?!?

YAY!!!!! Hard work and consistency DOES pay off. I am so excited about the results. I had set myself up to not be emotional if there was no loss, or a gain, because I knew that I was having my ‘off’ week. The results have just made me even more determined. I am 1.2kgs off of a 10kg loss. I’m writing this down to be accountable–I want that 1.2kgs gone next weigh-in!  I am also ‘officially’ down 1 pant size. I can fit into pants I haven’t worn in years and the current jeans I have keep falling down. Wooooo!! *throws sparkles in the air–the sprinkley kind, not my new phone!*

Thanks for all the support — I seriously love it and it helps to keep me in check and encourage me. I know that only I can do this and only I can decide what I eat and how I exercise, but I love knowing that there are people out there who might read this and think that if I can do it, they can do it, because quite frankly, it’s true — YOU CAN!!!!!!

And if you have one of those days where things seem like crap and you don’t think you can go on–do this:

Weekend Quote


Who am I? What have I done with myself? Where’s the old me? To be honest, I’m starting to figure out who I am, I’m starting to realise I’ve put that other person away, for life, and the old me has turned into the new me. I’m not talking about a miraculous body transformation-that takes time, but I am talking about the person who got out of bed on a Saturday morning and by 8.30am had already completed Jillian Michaels Ripped Week 2 and a 20 minute Zumba session! All before the girls were awake! I feel revitalised!

Although the last two days have been quite emotional and I’ve felt really low I know that I have needed to push through these feelings and know that it’s a change, it’s a life-style and it will make me better. It already has.

I’m not that person who wants to stay in bed all day. I’m not that person who would rather eat pizza than cook something quickly (or find a healthy fast alternative) and I’m not this person who say’s Fuck It, I Give Up.  Be the best person you can be and don’t give up…ever.

P.S – if you know who said this quote I’d love to know. It feels very Jillian to me, but I’ve googled and can’t seem to come up with an answer







Weigh-In Wednesday Week 5

I have a confession to make. I have always been one of these people that wanted to lose weight and I would tell myself, eat a salad, drink more water, it’ll be okay you can exercise tomorrow. I was never committed to it and in my own way I was talking myself into making it seem okay to pick up the chips or eat the cheese and bikkies with a glass of wine. I was ‘all talk’. Disney was correct in saying, “the way to get started is to quit talking and begin doing.”  I remember the exact moment I made the decision to join the Michelle Bridges 12 week body transformation. We were at Mums and she had made a beautiful roast, as she is prone to do! I was tucking into the remains of the cauliflower cheese and I felt heavy and full, but I couldn’t stop. I had a reality moment and knew that if I did this for the rest of my life, I wasn’t going to be happy with myself and I wasn’t going to be happy in general.

I need to make a CHANGE. I needed to do something for myself, and to make everything click into place. Of course I knew I needed the right tools for this. I’m so glad I bit the bullet and spent the money. It’s only 5 weeks into the 12 week program and hubs and I have already commented on what a cheap investment it’s been. You can’t put a price on health and happiness, cliche I know, but it’s the truth. A builder can’t build a house without the right tools, just like a person can’t change their lifelong habits without the right tools. Michelle has been able to give that to us.

I’m not saying the last five weeks have been easy. At times they have been hard, however it’s amazing what happens when you put the pressure aside and just do things. I’ve spent many a day pouting and not ‘wanting’ to do exercise, but while I’m pouting I’m thinking, If I don’t get up and do at least 20 minutes, then what am I going to achieve? Nothing..Nothing will change, it will be the same as it always has been, which was unhappy. Why would I want to keep making myself unhappy?  With a kick in the pants I usually complete a work-out DVD and feel fantastic afterwards. Of course I usually feel exhausted, but I know that I’ve given it my all and contributed to the change that is happening within me. 20 minutes is not a large commitment of time within a 24 hour period, but it’s a hell of a lot of time in life.

I never thought I would be excited to eat healthy, fresh food or to exercise. Coming from the girl who spent a lot of her teenage years sleeping all day on the weekends or eating Chips and Gravy, this has been a long time coming. It’s true when you hear that if you don’t enjoy it, you won’t succeed. However, I find that although I might not like what I’m doing at the time (plank position is NOT easy!) I know that the burn I am feeling and the pain is worth it in the end! Yesterday, I went out to complete my 2nd part to my fitness test. The 1km run. Back at the beginning of the program I clocked 11:40 for 1km. Poor poor form, however we know that I haven’t been moving or exercising in a long time. I set off to prove to myself that the last five weeks haven’t been nothing. I knew I was going to improve on that time. I started with a brisk walk to warm up and then set the Runkeeper app to pace me, however I forgot to factor in the 30 minute walk – 2 minute steady jog – then the 1 km run. I made it to 800 meters when it told me my average pace was 10:40. I knew this was impossible! I was huffing and puffing and pushing myself. I stopped and checked the app and realised I’d set myself up with the extra time, which wouldn’t calculate correctly. *Insert face-palm here*. I took a two minute rest and re-set the app to a solid 1km program to actually time me correctly. I set off and pushed myself as hard as I could. I knew the only way I would succeed is to push… push through the burn and breathe…. I think the results speak for themselves:

The fact that I shaved 3.38 minutes off my 1km time in only five weeks is testament to the program. If I hadn’t lost any weight, at least I know my fitness is improving. I feel like I’ve always been healthy, but never quite fit! I plan on smashing this time again in four weeks, but I want to come back to the enthusiasm issue. I was so excited that I’d done this that I pushed myself for a light jog home, but would you believe, I was jogging with a Smile! I couldn’t wipe the smile off my face. I had proved to myself that I could do it and I did it! I’m sure I looked a little crazy to the people I was passing on the path, but I didn’t care. Even when I saw the two extremely fit female joggers pass me I didn’t care. I knew I’d made a personal decision to change myself and I have; I am.

This brings me to today’s week five weigh-in. I said last week that I could taste the ten kilo mark and I am determined to get there as fast as I can. I think I knew that I would have to push hard this week, to make it count and so I did. Going the little extra and making myself move is paying off. I truly understand the quote I’ve put up on the left. Success is the sum of small efforts, repeated day in and day out.  It’s not something that will happen overnight, or by doing something one off. You need to constantly work at it and know that the small efforts you are putting in, whether it be saying No to a glass of champagne *sobs* or saying Yes to the opportunity to go for a walk. It all pays off. I really am making an effort not to get hung up in numbers. By overcoming the need to constantly see the numbers changing, but to actually stop and listen to my body and know that I am feeling better, both physically and mentally, I know that I am already a success. I’ll admit, seeing the numbers move is definitely incentive and adds to the feeling.

I’m excited and proud to give you the results for this week:

I am so incredibly proud and excited at these numbers. I knew after small losses I needed to put in the time and effort to achieve the results. I’m very happy that my body hasn’t let me down!!!

Like I said earlier, this whole situation is far from easy, there are struggles and self-doubt and sometimes I have a split second moment of wanting to give up. Then I snap out of it and realise how stupid that is, considering the great results I’m achieving! I feel like a better person inside, I feel happier and although have the three kids can sometimes make me feel like I’m going completely crazy, I know that I’m handling it a lot better and I don’t feel so ‘stressed’. I want to throw things and say I can’t believe all the cliches are right, but they are… you will feel better, you will notice a difference and you will be making a change for life.  I saw the below image of Facebook this week and have decided to print it out and put it on the bathroom mirror.  It’s a great self mantra to have.

That’s it for today, thanks for reading the ramble! I believe it’s the longest post I’ve had to date!! It’s a Double Celebration so I had double to talk about!!!!  I absolutely love hearing from everyone, and the encouraging messages I’m receiving on Facebook and Twitter are keeping me excited and determined! Thank You!!!

Oh and being called a Legend by Michelle Bridges, kind of helps!

Self-sabotage and becoming a clean eating nut!!!

I haven’t blogged much besides the weigh-in days because I have been in a zone for my end goal and that requires me spending a lot more time away from my computer! Absolutely usually unheard of from me, but there’s no burning calories sitting on the couch, tapping fingers!

A lot of the lessons I’m learning in these 12 weeks is all about self- sabotage. The fact that you know something isn’t good for you or right for you, but you do it anyway. You know the one: that Freddo frog, that piece of cake or that glass of wine. It’s not of any value to you physically, only emotionally. For those who know me, my husband works in the Wine Industry. Of course, for the longest time this has worked favourably for us, wine in the fridge all the time, and endless supply of deliciousness at my fingertips. It would be nothing for me to have a glass or two a night, or indulge in a bottle (or two) on a Friday/Saturday night. Who knew how much it was hindering my efforts!?! Did you know there are over 100 calories in a glass of wine *gulp*!!!

This past weekend I attended a formal function with my husband. These events aren’t always the ‘most exciting,’ but it’s a lovely night out, we get dressed up, have good food and get away from the kids for a few hours! This past one I decided I was sick of the rotation of dresses I always wear so I asked my friends if they had anything I could borrow. In the past, I haven’t been anywhere near a ‘size’ I think would work for borrowing clothes, but I was feeling good and confident and also hopeful that the kilos I’ve dropped already would make a difference.

I ended up with over 8 dress selections!! Some of them didn’t fit—I still have a few kilos to go for them, but never fear they’re on my radar for future events! The one I chose was perfect. It was comfortable, I felt good in it and it fit (all incredibly important pre-requisites to fill!) My friend also let me borrow some awesome heels. I’m only 5’2” so not on the tall side! I must admit, I usually go to these events and feel a little short and frumpy. I can proudly say, for once, I didn’t feel ‘frumpy’. I know I still have a long long way to go, but I actually felt confident. I held myself tall (with a lot of help from the heels!) and I had my shoulders back. I also wore a size I’ve NEVER worn, or at least I can’t remember ever wearing! While my clothes are nowhere near the size I wore, the dress was a very generous wrap dress that I’ll savour as my first size 12. That’s my ideal clothes weight and it’s helping to keep my goal in check and my path in focus.

Me teetering on very high heels!

Killer SPARKLY heels I got to wear!

Like I said earlier, I would usually booze up at these events, for entertainment purposes (!) but with all my goals steadily being achieved lately, I went into a focus zone and knew I had to be strong. I could not self-sabotage all the hard work I’d done up to this point. It wouldn’t take much at all to undo the hard work, as crazy as that sounds, a bottle of wine would have destroyed me. I gladly accepted water on the night and the food was tailored perfectly (those events usually are, thankfully!) I confess, I did indulge in 2 ½ glasses of sparkling wine (but that was after I checked how many calories I’d consumed that day!!!) I didn’t regret it at all and I savoured them.

The night was good and we both left with a clear head (and I could walk in the heels!!) When I got up yesterday I was a little regretful for having the sparkling so I jumped on the scales and was very happy to see they hadn’t moved in an up direction. *phew* Self-sabotaging is something that takes effort to acknowledge and to stop. The temptation is put in front of us on a daily basis, including marketing via tele, magazines and online. Instead of indulging in the chocolate anymore I stop and ask myself; does my body need this to work? What benefit does my body get from this? Will I be making myself go back 3 steps by having a temporary fix? I don’t think so. I’m not saying that I’ll deny myself for the rest of my life and that I’ll never indulge in a bottle of wine, or a piece of chocolate, but I am saying that I will withhold from that for a little while. Until I get to my goal!

Hubby and I all set to go - Hubs has lost 10kg in 5 weeks!!

I also have a little mantra that I constantly repeat to myself: Do not eat unconsciously. Think about what I’m putting in my mouth and remember if it’s not natural and ‘clean’, it’s likely not good for me.

This moves me onto my next topic! Clean eating… Who knew?!?! I have become a little obsessed with what can only be described as “DUH, why wouldn’t you?” type of food. Clean eating is all about non-processed, natural food. I’m proud to say we’re doing a great job at not eating anything from a ‘box’ or with ‘extra ingredients’. The food on the program IS delicious and healthy and tasty and good for you. Guilt-free eating is the best! I’ve discovered The Gracious Pantry and she is amazing. She has all these recipes listed that are ‘clean’ ingredients, some of them are amazing (including the desserts!) Take a look at her blog and tell me that taking a little extra effort doesn’t look worth it!! I’m excited to have so many options to cook great food, once our program for this round is complete. I also want to add that since being on the 12 week body transformation, we’ve not spend AS MUCH on food!!!! We have a menu given to us and we’ve found that most of the shopping is done in the fruit and vegetable section! It makes so much sense!!! I can’t stop talking about clean eating to EVERYONE I see (I apologise to my friends for the bombardment of my nutty ways!) and I also apologise to the strangers who I talk to as well!! Okay, let me be honest…..I’m not sorry, I’m excited!!!!!! Come to the Other Side my friend! Let the Force guide you!!

Anyway, I’ve rambled enough for now and really need to get moving and take the kids for a walk. I’ll leave you with a few pics of the past week. I love the pics of my kids doing “crunches and lunges”. They are constantly asking when we’re going to exercise?!! The only thing I have to watch is Mr4 who is very interested in the ‘boxing’ part of my workout!  I have a long way to go, and I will make it, I know I will. It’s not easy, it takes focus and it takes determination to want it! I want it!



Thanks for reading! I love to hear your feedback!! I’ll catch you all on Wednesday with some good news .. *positive thinking*

I’m Discovering Myself One Jog at a Time

Today I was feeling really lazy. I don’t know why, but my motivation had parked itself and didn’t want to move!

A gentle reminder to myself - No Excuses Allowed

It got until late afternoon and I realised I really needed to exercise in some way. I needed to, but what was I going to do? I was going a little stir crazy with the kids and my husband must have realised as he suggested I go for a run again. (We’ll call it a jog from now on, because that’s what it is!)

I think that this week, my Jack Russell Terrier couldn’t love me anymore! She is absolutely thrilled with the jogs and we’ll be going at it for ages and she still has the energy to run around the off leash dog park!

Today I’m celebrating a new discovery! A discovery that the 12 week body transformation program does work! I know, we’re only in week 3 and it’s pretty early for me to be talking, but let me prove that point.

When I did my fitness test almost 3 weeks ago, my 1km run timed at 11:40 (terrible terrible!!!)

I’ve only been out for a couple of jogs in the last 3 weeks, the biggest one being on the Saturday, 6k journey. Today I managed to keep a steady pace and get my average to 10.10 mins a km and I actually peaked at 8.06mins a km! Whereas in the Fitness test I could only ‘jog’ for a minute at a time before I was huffing and puffing and having to stop to a walk, I managed a good 8.30 solid non-stop steady jog.

I’m using a Runkeeper app on my iPhone and it’s fantastic. It has a ‘coaching’ section and gives me verbal prompts (over the sound of the rocking Workout Mix I have) so that I am always on track. With it, I managed to do almost 4k’s today!!!

I know it’s not much, but to me, it’s a discovery of an ability I knew I had inside. It’s refreshing to get outside and to see new parts to the neighbourhood. I “may” be taking the dog along so that she can drag me along when I feel like giving up!!!

Bring on Daylight savings, so I can keep these outdoor cardio sessions Alive!!!

Wednesday Weigh-In Week 2


I have to be honest and tell you that I was scared to get up this morning and weigh myself. I have been eating right and I’ve been moving at any opportunity I can but I also feel that in the last 2-3 days I haven’t done as much calorie burning as I possibly could. I’m not sure what happened to my mind-set but it started to lag. I knew this would come, just didn’t realise it would come so soon! We’re only a week and a half into the challenge and we have a long way to go so I have to pull myself together and keep going!

After weigh-in this morning I can now say that I am more than motivated to move. I was worried I wouldn’t lose or it would be a small loss, and although a loss is a loss I was looking for numbers. I was thrilled when I weighed myself! Half asleep I managed to read through the scales and see the numbers have dropped!

We are now down a TOTAL of:


I am absolutely astonished, excited and amazed and completely, utterly motivated to keep those numbers moving!

The self-control is a lot less challenging than I thought. I went to Gloria Jean’s yesterday and when I would usually indulge in a Banana Bread or Pear & Raspberry Bread (yum) I actually bought some fruit & nut mix (after checking the packet!) Mochas are still my vice but I’ve cut down rapidly!

I am enjoying the food on the program and find that at night it’s quite enjoyable cooking something new and cooking with fresh ingredients. When I ‘plate up’ and we sit down at the table it’s a nice feeling, and then realising that the portion sizes are ‘more than enough’ makes me think of all those meals that I piled on my plate and ate, regardless of whether I needed that much, or most likely, I didn’t!

I think I’ve managed to get a Double Jogger pram from someone, just need to arrange to pick it up. If I do then I plan on having Cooper ride his bike and the girls in the pram while I go for a jog! On the days Cooper is at day-care, or next year, he’ll be at school, I’ll be able to pop the girls in and get out and move, move, move! I was at the park the other day and Cooper insisted we play chasings – who knew a 4 year old could out run a 32 year old! Wow, that was a reality check to get fit!

We’re only in the middle of week 2 but I’m ready to keep going. Goals seem achievable now, more than ever.  I never thought I’d be able to shift the first 5 kilos, but that’s because I’ve never really tried before. If I’d known it was this easy, I would have done it a long time ago!



Just keep Moving - Just keep Moving...


On an end note, I’d like to send a special shout-out to my Mummy! Mum has struggled with her weight for a long time, due to a lot of things. After spending time with her, she’s now on a mission to get her health back on track and has started walking on her treadmill and making the right food choices! I’m so proud of that! Together, we can support each other…although…I still do love your chicken schnitzel, rissoles and cauliflower cheese, Mum! Maybe next time, I’ll just have to have ‘smaller’ portions…not the whole container!!!!!   x


Mum - this is me giving you a high-five! Keep Going Keep Going!



I also forgot to mention that I tweeted to Mish when the kids were working out with me! I showed her the blog post and got this response:

Knowing Mish is on my side HELPS keep me moving!

First workout

It’s been a week or so since my last post. I went away to the South Coast of NSW with the family and it was lovely. The weather was very kind to us this time and we were able to do many things as a family. Our first ‘real – successful’ holiday! We tried when Lil Miss (now 10.5months) was only 3 months and it was all sorts of fail!

The lovely South Coast of NSW

I haven’t done all my pre-season tasks yet as I was away and the internet reception was very sketchy, but I’m ready and raring to sit down and view them all and action them.I wanted to write this post now because I am feeling pumped. I downloaded MyFitnessPal for iPhone today, after hearing a lot about it. It’s fantastic! I’ve never been a numbers girl; anyone could tell you that, but this app is brilliant! I enter in my food/meals and hey presto…here’s how much you’ve eaten!I was shocked and amazed to see the numbers and it puts everything into perspective. This excites me!

Another big move today was that I moved!  I exercised for the first time in what I’m dubbing “I-can’t-remember”!!! I downloaded another app (have I told you that I have a love affair for my iPhone!?) that tracks you as you move. (BRILLIANT!) It was working out distance, pace, time and most importantly, calories burned. Every time I’d glance at it and see the calories moving higher I was pumped!!! It kept me moving!


Just to prove it, I’ve taken a pic of myself after!!  (Be warned – NOT glam at all!!!)

I've never been so excited to have a red, flushed face!

There’s still much to do but it’s a true flow on effect. Do one thing and the next will happen!

Thanks for all the messages of support I’ve received, I’m excited to know that I can share this with others. The support I’ve found for people who are involved in the 12WBT is amazing and motivating. Two things that will lead me on when times aren’t so easy!

MOODS: Excited – Happy – Exhausted (but a good exhausted!)


Jumping the small hurdles

Today I felt good about a choice I made. Friday is our swimming lesson day for the 2 older kids. A usually hectic morning that then sees up hopping over to McDonalds for a bite to eat. It doesn’t help that the McDonalds is right next to the swim school and they have a massive playground that the kids beg to go and play on.

I usually grab myself a ‘meal deal’ and eat it with regret, because really…it does NOT taste great to me, it’s …easy.

Today I compromised. I let the kids go over and play and have fun, but instead of ordering an easy, wasted calorie meal, I just went with a skim coffee. I didn’t miss the food and the only thing I longed for was the delicious looking new McFlurrys they’ve started selling. Way to challenge my resistance Maccas!

It made me feel good that I was strong enough to bypass the voices and make a decision not to eat the food.

I like coffee. I enjoy coffee. I hope they don’t tell me I can’t have any coffee. I’m happy to drink in moderation, but won’t ever be able to eliminate it. Here’s my yummy coffee of the day:

Emotions: Content, Happy myspace graphic comments