Overcoming Week 2 Hurdles

Not gonna lie – I’m a little disappointed!!! In the same breathe, I”m a little excited!!! How can this be, you ask?

Well…. today Mum came with us to watch the kids have their swimming lessons (Hi Mum, have I told you lately how proud I am of your achievements, and YES I can notice and difference already! Woot Woot!) and when we came home I insisted she look over my Heart Rate Monitor instructions to see if she could get it to work. I mean, what else are Mum’s for, but for fixing problems, plus I knew she could do it *winks at Mum!*

She indeed DID get my Heart Rate Monitor working and Wahoooooo we started to celebrate with the fact that I could finally get a calories burned reading and proper Heart Beats per Minute! I was eager to get this show on the road and finally get those calorie numbers up. Up until today, I’ve been using a ‘calorie estimator’ to determine how much I’ve done. Well…didn’t I get a rude shock when I started working out and the numbers very very slowly started moving. After 20 minutes of Zumba we were still in the double digits. *scoffs* Not good enough!! I then put on a Jillian Michaels Ripped in 30 DVD and went hard for another 20 minutes; just getting into the triple digits now. *scoffs – are you freakin kidding me* I was under the assumption that I should be aiming for 400-500 calories burning a day. Oh my goodness. I put on an Intensity Cardio DVD and started huffing, puffing, jumping and moving and after 30 minutes the HRM finally clocked over 200. That was it, I was exhausted! I’d done 70 minutes, but had only burned 215 calories *insert sad face* I mean – What the FIRETRUCK is that all about?!? The calorie estimator tells me I should have burned almost 600 calories.

What do I do? I’ve been really kinda bummed out about it, but after a hot shower and some reflection I’ve decided I need to pull myself out of the funk I’ve been in for the past couple of days and be really proud of myself for getting up off the couch and actually Moving. I haven’t moved this much in over 10 years, and for that I need to stop beating myself up and be happy. I guess through this whole journey it’s going to take small steps to make a big reality, but as I’ve said before…I’m a now kinda gal, and this challenge is definitely making me pull myself into line!

I’m sticking to the food plan, and even if I’m not a fan of the meals, I”m making sure I keep under the 1200 calorie a day range. I feel better. I think I’m sleeping a little better (I think I’d sleep fantastic, if I didn’t have kids coming in at all hours of the night) and although I’m wishing for major changes, I’m being realistic and saying that I think I can feel and see some small changes in my body.

Another MAJOR challenge I have to overcome is Scales..Yup, you read right… Scales. I’m having an emotional relationship with our set of scales right now, and I need to break up with them. You see the problem is, I want to step on them…all-the-time. I want to know what I’m doing is working and I want to see that in numbers. Now, I know this is WRONG and that’s why I’m working hard on the break up. They are a pretty red colour, but I know I must not be tempted. I must work to stay off them until Wednesday Weigh-Ins. I find that if I jump on them and it moves in a direction I’m not particularly fond of, it can set off my mood for the rest of the day/night. I’m writing this out, so that I can be accountable to NOT step on the scales but once a week!!!!!

Cue Pic of Scales with a big red X through them – Gen – DO NOT STEP on the scales unless it’s Weigh-In Wednesday!!

That’s it for now, I’m off the weekend to hopefully “Smash it” and get some cals burned! My usual Friday night Wine is put on hold for a few months, and although I miss it, I’ll replace it with tea and dream of how stealthy I’ll look holding a glass of vino with my new slim fingers!!! (you may laugh at that visual..I did!) And I’ll work on the triple P theory:

Until next time…..

Oh Oh Oh and Let me take this opportunity to say a Great Big WAY TO GO to my husband who’s taken this whole lifestyle change on with a complete amount of Positive and is seeing the effects of it himself! I’m also already seeing a difference, as are the scales! Way to go Babe! x


measurements and shredding it

Yesterday my husband and I sat down together and watched all the pre-season tasks for the upcoming 12 week challenge. It was very important for me to have him watch it with me, so that he can be in the same frame of mind as me, and he understands the program. He was very positive about everything and that made me excited!

We did the measurements as a part of the final pre-season task. *Sobs* Numbers never lie, as I’ve been discovering with the calorie counting. Having the numbers recorded is not only a bit daunting, but it is also giving me power to succeed; to see the numbers go down. As a part of the task we also took a “Before” pic. Of course it’s exciting to think that at the end of the 12 weeks I’ll be able to take another one and see photographic evidence. At the moment, it’s just a strong reminder that I am completely unhappy with where I am at the moment. It was horrible and I did not like looking at myself in underwear. (Thank goodness it’s not on national television!)

Today I was a lot more vigilant with my calories. Although I came under my allocation yesterday, it was only because I did some exercise! Today I was trying to figure out how I could ‘exercise’ with the kids about, and it being a rainy, cold, miserable day outside. I did a quick short workout by climbing our stairs! I thought to myself, people go to gyms to use stair masters and you have a full set in your house!! Why not use it!! I managed to record a small amount of calories but I wasn’t happy with that!!! I wanted to see more calories in the green, the more calories in the green, the more likely I am to succeed!

I ended up finding some workout DVDs and tonight, after dinner I put on the Level 1 of Jillian Michaels 30 day shred. It’s an intense, non-stop 27 minute cardio, strength training session.  It was very easy to do, but in easy I mean that it was easy to follow. It was by no means “easy” on the body!!! I was already aching today from my first walk/jog yesterday but knew I needed to keep moving my body so that I didn’t cease up! I am now deliciously achy!!!!!! I was sweating and burning and pushing myself.  Much to my delight, I was able to complete it and felt awesome doing the warm down! I do need a shower though!

They say that a Healthy Lifestyle change is a Family Affair. This started with my husband supporting me in every which way by watching the videos last night, and then this morning, posting on his Facebook status: very proud of his wife going on the Michelle Bridges health plan, GO TEAM GEN!  When I saw this status I was so happy, and so proud to have such a supportive husband! He’s even happy to eat the food as it certainly looks yummy! Having young children, you want to be able to make the right choices for them. I guess we’re doing something right, because tonight, when I was doing the “shred” video the kids decided to abandon Hi-5 and join in!!! I was using cans of food for my weights so Mr4 went to the pantry and supplied himself and Miss2 with baby food for their ‘weights’. They then came along and jumped around, punched and pushed! Mr4 exclaimed “Oh Mum, this is exercise” I said “It certainly is” and he said “Oh, we’re exercising, now we’ll have energy”  Aren’t children the best!! I smiled so much and kept pumping, pushing and shredding it!!!! Out of the mouths of babes is all the motivation I need!!!

A Family that exercises together - stays together