Never Let Numbers Suck The Joy Out Of Your Awesomeness

I’ve broken up with my scales, because quite frankly, they were sucking the joy out of my awesomeness.

I’ve always had a war with the scales. What the numbers represent. Berating myself if they weren’t going down, even when I was starving myself on 1200 calorie diets and 500 calorie workouts, daily. Worried that I was too fat, too heavy, and the numbers were too high. That stops, today.

Yesterday, I went on a date day with my 2 boys. We saw Guardians of the Galaxy (AWESOMENESS personified!) Before we left, I got dressed in my regular attire of jeans and tee, put on some makeup, and I felt really great. I realised the feeling did not come from being ‘skinny'(which I am not), it did not come from being my ‘ideal weight for my height’ (which I am not), it did not come from starving myself to fit in a calorie count(which I am not). It came from my ATTITUDE. I looked past the mirror, and inside myself (how very cliche!) and realised my self-worth is so much more than numbers. It was the first day I’ve felt that  training plan I am doing through Operation Move event training is actually making a difference, inside and out. 

I am by no means at my ideal weight for height as per all those people that tell you you should be, and I’m okay with that. What I am though, is healthy. I don’t have any health ailments. I have the ability to go out and run long distances, 10km and beyond. I am able to give blood when needed. I am HEALTHY. I am currently training for the Tour De Tambourine 10k event in November, as well as the Spartan Race in October. None of the excess fat I am carrying will stop me from doing that!  I am so sick of seeing all the fat-shaming that is going on at the moment. I saw an article online today that talked about ‘fat people’, and I was horrified. The thing is, there is no such thing as ‘fat people’. There are ‘people’, and some have excess fat. Some also don’t have much fat, and yet, they too are shamed for being ‘skinny’. I’m a little frustrated, and pissed. I’ve always been the ‘fat one’, or the ‘chubby one’ and it effected me for a very long time. I’m by no means where I was when I was younger, but I have had the ability to carry and birth three beautiful children in this body!!! Why do we need to label people as fat?! A quote that has stuck with me (I can’t remember the source) is…..


So anyway, I just wanted to remind you…. not to step on the scales and let that determine the joy, and mood you will be in today. You are Awesome! You will always be awesome! Take care of your health, first and foremost. Appearance is secondary. Next time someone calls you fat, punch them in the face (okay, maybe don’t, but what you can do, is IGNORE them.) Your self worth is more valuable than someone else’s opinon. Be You. BeYouTiful! Now..go forth and Be Awesome!


EDIT: The adult jazz class I am doing is totally rocking this song right now!! It’s AWESOME!!!!!


P.S On a completely unrelated topic: I loved the new Doctor Who!!!!!

The Doctor Creating Happiness

Last week was the annual book week parade at Mr6’s school so I thought I’d share some fun pics with you all of his ‘character’ he chose. When he said he wanted to be “The Doctor” I didn’t hesitate at all, in fact I may have embraced it enthusiastically!

A quick trip on ebay and voila… the Doctor was born.  Mr6 and I have been bonding over “Doctor Who” for about a year now. It’s been so much fun discovering it with him, and we quite often get into some philosophical discussions over the Doctor and his companions!! We started at the “Ninth” of the ‘new generation’ although I do remember as a kid watching the series on the ABC. I recently went to an op shop and managed to score big on some of the old tapes, getting just about the whole catalogue, plus some Torchwood (Captain Jack..mmmm) so now we can go back in time and space for adventures and more! Here’s our excitement for Doctor Who wrapped up in pics!!

SUPER HAPPY EXCITED to finally have his hands on a Sonic Screwdriver! He chose the 11th Doctor

SUPER HAPPY EXCITED to finally have his hands on a Sonic Screwdriver! He chose the 11th Doctor

The future Doctor?!!!

The future Doctor?!!!

Do you watch Doctor Who? What’s your favourite episode? My favourite is Vincent & The Doctor, with Vincent Van Gogh..I can cry EVERY time I watch it!

Who’s your favourite companion?? I tend to like all of them for different reasons, but really,whoshirt7 Rose & The Doctor made me cry, but Donna made me laugh so hard! I own a few shirts with Companions on them, and just yesterday received a shipment of some more shirts… I don’t ‘think’ I have a problem…..although….

Thanks for reading….. until next time.. hope you have a Wibbly Wobbly Timey Wimey Awesome Custard & Fish Fingers Fantastic kinda day!