Instant Protection .. from the moment you start

That’s the catch phrase for the new Castrol Magnatec Car Oil that I am rounding up some blog posts about!castrol_magnatec_03_1024-768

I admit, at the beginning of the blog series about the oil, I had no idea that oil was ‘all that important’ to your car! Obviously, I knew it was needed, but didn’t know there was so much ‘technology’ behind it!!!  Some fascinating things about this particular problem have been proven. Watch some of the following videos: The Problem, The Solution, The Proof, The Benefits!

I drive a 4WD and my car gets a pretty good work out every day. Stopping and starting constantly as I do errands with the kids, and school runs. The abrasion on the car must be massive. This oil will be so good for my car. It will cling to the engine, and result in a smoother ride, and the engine will sound a lot less ‘vroom vroom’ 4WD, and a quieter ride!

I urge you to get ‘intelligent’ and get your car a drink! Castrol Magnatec. The drink of choice!

Do you take notice of your car? Servicing? Type of oil you use? I’d be interested to know your car routine! Leave a comment and let me know!


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