Random Ramblings of Nothing At All

Just thought I’d spin a quick blog post out because it’s been ages.

Hope you’re all doing well in bloggy land! Things have been busy here.

I’ve discovered geocaching and love love love it

I’ve decided to apply to a different university, for the same/similar degree with hopes I’ll get more support

I’ve rallied support and started a Bushfire appeal, which snowballed into amazing things

I’ve felt lost and lonely, even when surrounded by people with smiling faces

I’ve run a 10km fun run full of hills in 1hr 3mins (actually, apparently it was only 7.5km, due to a change of finish line!)

I became an Avon Lady *ding dong*

I’ve realised that I’m not happy with my fitness/weight/shape and have been back at the gym consistently

I’ve started a Paleo Primal lifestyle and haven’t eaten bread in 2 weeks!

I’ve lost 2.2kgs in 2 weeks

I’ve sent my middle child to Kindergarten orientation for 2014!

I’ve fought

I’ve kissed and made up

I’ve had a hair cut

and what’s to come…

On Thursday I’m traveling to see a bestest friend in another state. This person gets me with no judgement and no hassles; friendship at it’s finest

I’m getting a tattoo in 2 sleeps

and finally….

I’ve been me.

What have you done?



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