Cut it ALL OFF…

So a few weeks ago I did an outrageous thing and I absolutely LOVED IT!!!!

I cut off ALL MY HAIR!! … okay, so not ALL my hair, because then I’d be bald, but I cut off most of my hair. I’ve been unhappy with my hair for a long time. It’s frizzy, it’s gross, I had tried to strip the ‘colour’ out of it, and all I ever did was it was pull it up into a pony, and I was over it!!! Completely!  I’ve wanted short hair for a long time. I’ve wanted really short hair for a long time, but I just haven’t been brave enough. Every time I had my hair cut short it was ‘bobbed’ and looked ‘cute’ for the night it was cut, and then I’d wash it and it’d be a triangular frizzy mess, having me scramble for pins and bits and bobs to pull it back into order. So when I went to a local hairdresser for the kids, and a friend was there, I received some gentle encouragement (read: Yelling, DO IT DO IT DO IT) to go for it. Get it all cut off! I showed the hairdresser this picture:

(How freakin adorable is Carey Mulligan!?!?!!)

So I showed the hairdresser this (including a pic of the back) and she said “Yeah, of course, let’s do it”!!! I was sooooo excited!!! I’ve always wanted a pixie cut! I mean, fairies are real and all (just ask my kids!)

Soooo.. wash wash, massage (beeeest part of hairdressers!), snip snip, cut cut, snip snip, cut cut, blowdry and VOILA.. I was done!!! I LOVED IT!!! I LOVE IT!! I am so very very happy with the end result!!!!!!!!! It’s been almost 4 weeks and actually, I think I need to go and get some maintenance mowing done. It’s looking a little rough around the edges, and seems to be growing a lot more than it did when it was longer! What I love the most is that I feel better. I don’t feel as drab, even on my drabbiest of drab days! I get up in the morning and this haircut REQUIRES me to do something with it! My hair is naturally wavy, and naturally frizzy, so a lil bit of this and a lil bit of that and I’m ready to go! I also get to steal all of Miss4’s headbands and cute hair clips ala The Great Gatsby, Woot!

To put it into perspective.. here are some ‘before pics’…. DUN DUN DUUUUUUN… (you’ll get that if you’ve seen The Croods!!!)



Sooo now… here are the pics of my epic pixie haaaaaaaiiiiirrrcut…

20130715_110450The Back!!!!! So short! THAT’S WHAT MY NECK LOOKS LIKE!!!!!

IMG_20130715_114117THE FRONT! all Blown to perfection!!

Of course, being the practical person that I am, there is NO WAY I’d be able to blow dry my hair like that, so yeah… I went home and washed it! Plus I wanted to see how little shampoo and conditioner I really needed (oh hai, budget saver!)

IMG_20130715_132426Pretty darn pleased with the way it sits with a little frizz-ease and a light blow-dry!

and how it is every other day of the year….


Woohoo to stealing the girls’ hair accessories!!

So there you have it! I love it, and I’m not sure I’ll ever go back to longer hair… only time will tell. The last time I had hair this short I looked liked this…


so for now.. I’ll stick with this!


So I’m pretty sure I’ve just created a huge blog dedicated to my hair….. yeah… that’s interesting!! Anywho.. it’s been great being off Facebook and taking a break, but for the record – I have one assessment due this weekend and then I’m BACK for good!! I missed you all! Until next time…

Be Safe, Shine & Sparkle, and Be Kind.. to Yourself

Oh and Dry July.. SMASHED IT!!!!


One thought on “Cut it ALL OFF…

  1. That looks great! I like how textured it is in the back. It must also be wonderful to have almost no hair to style for practical reasons. I love Carey Mulligan and her haircuts, I totally would go for the chop but I don’t think my face would suit it.

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