Mourning the loss of any life is … okay…


Princess Diana, Kurt Cobain, River Phoenix, James Gandolfini…. I didn’t know ANY of these people on a personal level, but you know what? I cried for every single one of them when I heard the news they were no longer with us. All lives, amongst many, gone too soon from this world………..

  Today I heard the news  

that Glee star, Cory Monteith had been found in his hotel room, dead at the young age of 31. Listening to the police confirm that this wasn’t an “internet hoax” was one of the saddest things I’ve seen recently. For our family, Glee has been a show that bought us together. My 6yo son has loved it from the start (and yes, from an early age that he was!!) He would sing Don’t Stop Believin in the car whenever he’d hear it. We have all the soundtracks, and we have some seasons on DVD. He even listens to the soundtrack to go to sleep at night (Actually, it’s a tie between Glee & Pitch Perfect!) You see, Glee might not be everyone’s cup of tea, but from it, I have seen my son bloom and blossom for his love of music and dance. It was/is a show that has taught my son that it’s okay to like to sing and dance, and that it’s not “girly”. For that, I will be forever thankful to Cory, and the gang for bringing that into our lives. I remember taking Mr6 to the 3D Glee movie, and how he sat amazed at watching the cast sing and bring the songs to life. I’ll miss seeing his face light up whenever “Finn” came on the screen. The goofy football jock who knew it was okay to be left of field and sing because he felt good doing it. Now, Cory is singing forever, in our hearts and our memories.

I hope that the media can give the respect deserved. His death cause is unknown, and I won’t even speculate, because that is just wrong and disrespectful.  I saw a lot of things today online, but some things hurt my heart even more. The messages of people saying “No loss”, “who cares”, “whatever, I didn’t know him” in a public forum was awful. I am not shocked that people feel this way. I am shocked that people feel it’s okay to express their opinions, without thinking of the fact that there are people out there that did know him, that did care, and that will forever miss the boy with the big smile, the kickin drum beats, and the stage presence that lit up the world…..

So, the reason I’m writing this is because I cried today. I shed tears, I had a heavy heart, and I hurt. For someone I have never met. For a family I will never know. And for his friends who will now live all of this out under public scrutiny.

Rest in Peace, and may his family and friends find the answers and closure they need. You might not care, but today I did…. And you know what?!?

It’s perfectly okay to mourn someone you didn’t know….

As an end note: I also received news that a dear family friend passed today as well. She was the kind of friend you called Aunty even though you weren’t related. I hadn’t seen her in a long time, but I am glad I knew her. My mourning has done double duty today. I think I need a peppermint tea! RIP J.M. You will never be forgotten.


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