Yoga, Therapy & Teen Wolf .. the week of new things!

Hello there!!

Wow, what a week is has been!! A week of new things, a week of changes, a week that was….

So this wyogainnereek, thanks to a great Living Social deal I was able to try my hand at Yoga for the very first time. I say the first time, because I have a feeling that the Kids Cosmic Yoga on YouTube (which oh my gosh, is still so much fun! Check it out and do it WITH your kids – or by yourself! ) doesn’t really count! I went in not sure what to think. The only experience I’ve really had with Yoga is watching it in a scene in a movie, which usually involves characters posing and talking….. the complete opposite of what we did. I loved it. It was relaxing, but challenging at the same time. Making the connection between the body and mind was an amazing feet (get it..feet..hehehe) ok, so I meant Feat and it was pointed out to me that I typo’d, but yeah.. we’ll go with feet..who knew you had to spread em that far!!!!!  I am used to working out and doing “cardio” so the burn usuallyLiza-yoga-cartoon500 comes from pushing myself at a high pace. So I was quite surprised that when I went into some of the poses ‘lunges’ that I was able to hold them for so long as my thighs burned like crazy! The Yoga instructor was very clever at assisting with the progress of pushing the mind. Although I did have a bit of trouble calming down the chatter, I let myself go, because it was my first time …. I came out of the hour and a half session feeling absolutely relaxed and amazing. I am excited to return and continue on a personal journey of stretching the body and the mind to more than I am now…..  and maybe I will not be thinking about the wine at the end… and the crazy chatter will disappear..

Speaking of trying to get the chatter to disappear.. you may remember a little bit aruoksgo, I wrote about the RUOK day and how much I tend to struggle from day to day. After a lot of soul searching, I finally made the leap and went for some therapy. Whilst I won’t go into details of all that was said, I will say that it’s amazing what happens when you see someone you feel comfortable with, and you feel is actually listening.  With some ‘homework’ to do, I am hoping that the coming week is going to be better, and the future is looking brighter. If you are struggling, I urge you to seek help, in any form, whether it be confiding in a friend, a loved one, or a professional. In Australia, if you go to your GP, you can get a referral that will give RU OK and its ok to say youre notyou a Medicare rebate, so there are No excuses.  I definitely look forward to the positive changes that are sure to come out of it all.

And as for Teen Wolf… well… I’m late to the party, but just started watching….. Enjoying it, and can’t seem to stop watching, although I’m only on Season 1 and they are now showing Season 3….  Not much else to say, so I’ll just leave this here …


That’s it from me. Just thought I’d pop in for a little hello, and make it known that we are all struggling within ourselves. Remember, never judge someone from how they look, or what you don’t know… We’re all making our way in life, our way….  Until next time…. Shine Bright Like a Diamond in a big fat ring on your finger *smiles*



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