Those times when you can’t be…..

I have a confession to make…….. I’ve been slacking off.

I know, I know. I went hard for 12 weeks and then splat….I fell flat on my face. I’m not sure where it’s coming from, whether it’s because I’m not following a “plan” every day, or whether it’s because I’m a little bored with the working out?

It’s terribly hard to do everything by yourself and without the motivation of having someone working along side you, or against you if you’re competitive like that.

I must admit that before the previous 12 weeks, I would have given up and not even cared. Luckily, I’ve had a mind-set change and have been able to train my brain to JFDI when the time calls for it. Last Saturday morning I was awake early and on the couch wishing I was still sleeping. I received a text from a friend asking if I wanted to work. Believing in signs *yeah, I’m spooky like that* I took the opportunity and ran with it by accepting, well actually we walked, but it was a good decision to make. Together we did 6kms and from her house to mine it was about 8km!! Not bad for a nice quick paced walk and talk! Training with friends, in any way, seems a whole lot better. Some days I wish my husband and I could go out together, but alas, 3 kids will do that!!!

Anyway, today was another day where I couldn’t be stuffed. I didn’t feel like doing a huge cardio workout and I didn’t want to do a thing, even though I knew that if I did, I’d feel better. Last night I downloaded some free exercise apps that had 5-8-15 minute workouts for targeted areas. This morning, while the kids were watching Play School I ended up doing 5 minutes of abs, 5 minutes of legs, 5 minutes of arms and 5 minutes of butt…..20 minutes of focused exercise. Did I feel better? Yes, I did. My philosophy of something being better than nothing definitely paid off today. As did all the housework we can throw in as incidental exercise!

With the Knowledge that I haven’t been putting a whole lot of cardio/exercise effort into my days, I’ve been trying to watch my calorie intake. I’m not sure if there’s any scientific studies that have been done or not, but I swear when it’s TTOTM I just want to eat, eat, eat, even if I’m eating proper, whole meals. I’ve crept slightly over on a day or two, but also acknowledge and own it.

Soooo..this post was mainly just for me to get my thoughts down and out there. Acknowledging and owning my actions and learning. So far I’m 15 kg down and those 15 are never allowed back. I’m continuing on my discovery of myself and taking one day, one moment, at a time….


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