Let’s start the 6wbt

So the official 12 week body transformation round has ended. I think I might have pouted for a couple of days before I realized its not over. I’m not at goal, and pouting doesn’t burn
Calories (or maybe it does just not enough!!)

I received an email yesterday from the team! Check it out:


I was thrilled with this. I mean it’s taken me a lot of time staring at my before and after pic to see the change that’s happening. I actually got another email saying the calculations were incorrect and I’d Lost 15.84%!

My Gold Star of the program (I always did love getting my school work back with stickers on it!!)


I’m not sure I’m brave enough to post my undies shot so I’ll take a vote. Let me know if you think I should….

I won’t be going to the finale party on Saturday night. Once I worked out cost of babysitter and accessories it was just too much money. I would love to use that money for the Las Vegas trip next year! I’m still struggling to find a job which is a little depressing. That’s really tough to handle sometimes and it’s really showing how far I’ve come as I haven’t turned to comfort eating at all. Lucky we don’t have the comfort food handy!!

There is a massive workout at centennial park on Saturday. If I go I have to take the kids (again, no babysitters and I can’t afford the $22 per hour being charged!!) this will be an adventure. I have no idea how to get there or where to park!!!!! I’ll add this to pre-bucket list — survive 3 kids in the city, alone!

It’s Wednesday so I’ve done a weigh in…I’m trying to decide whether I start off where we finished, or start from scratch. Either way, the results of this week are:


I haven’t used numbers here ever as I thought that might be labeling, but if you think I should, let me know as well! We can start with my “starting weight” next week!

I better go. It’s 6:30am.. time to put on the new compression pants and sweat it out!!

Don’t forget – I’m still looking for things for the 5 year bucket list that isn’t!!!!

short shout out to Linda who is enthusiastically joining the program next round. She’s already making changes and has started blogging. I look forward to reading updates!

another quick shout out to Diet Schmiet who has blogged honestly about her personal journey. Reading her posts often help me get into the right head-space (so thank you Schmiet!!) good luck with your future, look forward to reading about it

For anyone else who has sent me messages I thank you. You don’t realize how much it means to me. It’s pushed me along when I’ve felt like giving up (which has happened more times than I’d like to
Blog about!!!)

For anyone thinking of making the change and joining any type of program….



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