Wednesday Weigh-In Week 9

I have a busy day today and wasn’t sure when I’d get to the computer, so I’ll update you quickly through a phone post!


Today I went for a morning run. I had to briefly pause and capture this image as it was too good to give up.. I can’t believe I used to sleep through this time of the morning!

So last week I had a 200 gram gain, which I attribute to some relaxed
Food choices and not enough exercise. This week I had completed the 8km run and was convinced there would be a
Loss of some type. I’ve been watching my food and making sure I workout. Amazing what happens when you do that!!!



I am 100 grams away from 12kg loss!!
Lots and lots and lots of Focus and hard work…….. We’ve got 3 weeks (less than) in this round and I’m excited that I’ve been able to smash my early goals.

At the beginning of the pre-season tasks my Goals were to lose 5kgs in 3 months and run 1km without stopping…SMASHED IT already!! Oh and my 6 month goal was to buy clothes in the “normal” area of a
Store! I was able to do that the other day!! I bought a size 16 jeans!!! My goal is 12 and it’s creeping closer and closer! I just have to put one foot in front of the other….. Here’s another early morning pic I took today….un-fun thing about Summer outside: scanning for snakes and the bloody early morning fly population!!!!!



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