Blah..that feeling you sometimes get

It’s true. I’m feeling blah. blergh. ikk. yuk. blah.

This doesn’t mean I’ve given up, nor does it mean I am not focused anymore. It just means I’ve hit a slight hill on my journey and instead of running it, I’m walking it. Slowly but surely wins the race, right? Let’s hope so.

This week is an ‘off week’ for me, for various reasons. Being a girl simply sux sometimes, and them’s the facts.

Soooo to keep me on track I’m going through and reading some quotes and remembering that this journey is a life-style change and not a temporary fix. It’s not something that I’m starting and not finishing. And it’s most certainly not something that I’m giving up on–ever.

When you feel like giving up, know that you’re only human and you will have days that make you feel like giving up, but be stronger than that and keep moving. It’s better than the alternative.

Join me tomorrow for Weigh-In Wednesday. I’m not promising big numbers will move, nor am I promising ANY numbers will move, down at least, but I am promising that I’m committed to it and I will not let the emotion of the numbers hinder all the hard work I’ve done and I’ll continue to do. That includes resisting the delicious donuts that were presented to me yesterday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


One thought on “Blah..that feeling you sometimes get

  1. I found the same feeling last week. I don’t know whether it was my body adjusting to the new workouts I’m doing, or whether I had taken on too much, or even my mind looking for an excuse, but I felt very flat. I decided that in keeping with my manta of “be kind to myself”, I would give myself a couple of days to pick up steam again, and just did a brisk walk with the dog for a couple of days. I am perfectly happy to take it slow, staying on Week1Sess2 of the C25K til I can do it (completed it for the first time yesterday!!) with a degree of ease, thne moving on.

    I didn’t get this way in a matter of weeks, and I’m not going to reverse it in a matter of weeks either.

    **Plus, I’m hoping if I take it slow, and bathe in Bio-Oil, I won’t end up with any loose, wrinkly skin!!!**

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