Wednesday Weigh-In Week 4

It’s Wednesday Weigh-In again! This time, for week FOUR!

We’ve been doing this program for a month already, I can’t believe it! The time seems to fly! Honestly, I have not been looking forward to this weigh in at all. Last week was a really miserable week. The whole household suffered from gastro and the meal plan included a lot of Tuna and meals I wasn’t too enthusiastic about. This caused me to become unorganised and in the end, totally fail my week! I felt jumbled and inevitably, I didn’t do as much ‘working out’ as I should have been doing. There seemed to be many things getting in the way and I didn’t get to get out and jog, which depressed me! These are not excuses, as I still managed to do some at-home workouts. It’s quite possible I set my expectations too high sometimes, who knows.

One thing that my husband and I have discussed a lot is that we’re in this for the long run. It’s a lifestyle choice for us, and that means we’ve changed our eating habits, and what we keep around the house. I’m also enjoying the empowerment of having the supportive friends and family that are around me. It’s amazing what happens when you surround yourself with positivity. Even at your low-light, someone is there to pick you up and shine the torch brighter.

I have learned a valuable lesson of being organised! I know this is a part of the program, but I’ve definitely experienced it for myself now!  So, this week we were organised, we’ve shopped, we’ve stocked and we’ve got our meal plans and menus ready to go!

This week, marking our fourth week, it’s also a revisit to the Fitness Test.

I’m pleased to say I have improved on a few things (I’m yet to do my running test). I managed to wall sit for a lot longer than 11 seconds, although I was 5 seconds off moving to the next level, and out of beginners! I will conquer that next time!!! I also managed to move up to Intermediate in my push-ups, although those too, can be improved a lot more. I’ve never had a lot of upper body strength!

The weigh in results are:

Whilst less than 1kg is not ideal, I’d like to take the time and celebrate the fact that I no longer have 700 grams holding me back. I have rid it for good. I am celebrating every gram gone and I just happen to have 700 reasons to celebrate. In saying that, I also know that now is the time to pick up my game and to move it.  So, with that I sign off and leave you images of me dancing around my living room to the sound of the Madagascar Lima’s “I like to move it move it, I like to move it move it, We like to—-Move it!!”



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