Weigh-In Week 3

Hi All!
I’m back and I”m suffering! I have the horrid, dreadful gastro bug! Thanks to my wonderful husband for sharing!!!

Not one to let me get that down, although I felt terrible yesterday I made myself do an express 20 minute Zumba DVD, otherwise I just felt lazy!

We got new scales yesterday!!! They are shiny and black – not as tempting as the red ones then! I feel like I’m not giving myself enough commitment to the program, and by that, I don’t think I’m burning enough calories. It’s something I will work on over the next couple of weeks.

Here are the numbers as of this morning:

I am thrilled with that and am looking forward to those numbers travelling in the right direction; that’d be down. I’m looking forward to next week, where we reach the 4 week mark and do another fitness test and take measurements.

Before I go I wanted to give my husband a shout-out and an awesome epic high five!

He’s been following a calorie controlled diet and has been eating the same food as the program and in 3 weeks has managed to drop ‎7.2 kgs!! An amazing effort to be celebrated!! Well Done!

I’m Determined not to give up – even when I’m feeling at my lowest…

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