A Moment to Celebrate

I just have to post this blog post while I’m in such a good mood!
As you know, I’ve been feeling a bit sick and a bit flat. Sort of in a mood where I feel like I’m not doing the best I can….. and the tiny little monster in my brain keeps telling me that it’s okay, you can just do it later.

I’ve managed to successfully battle this demon and have usually won.

I ordered a custom design singlet for the “Sydney Crew” of the 12wbt. It’s just a little something that will identify me with others, if I’m out and about or at group trainings (which I really want to do, but am scared, shy, procrastinating?!)

I usually wear a large size on top, due to my hips and waist, definitely not my boobs…boobs, what are they?! So, when I was ordering I bit the bullet and ordered at least 2 sizes smaller than normal. I figured that I’ve still got heaps of time to ‘fit into it’.

It arrived today and it’s so pretty!



The BEST thing..I tried it on and IT FITS!!!! It actually fits and isn’t completely clinging to all the rolls of fat and grossness!! I couldn’t believe it! I was so super excited! It’s not a ‘perfect’ fit, but I still have time! I reckon in a couple of weeks of me doing what I’m doing, it will become that ‘perfect’ fit!!!

Soo if you see me out and about in my purple power top, give me a wave!!! I’ll be the one huffing and puffing, making it cool for red (face) and purple (top) to look good together!

WooHoo - A couple more weeks and it's ALL GOOD



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