Wednesday Weigh-In Week 3 Delay

We’re at that time of the week again but I’m afraid I’m going to have to delay the results.

Over the past couple of days we’ve noticed that the scales may have been ‘dropped’ and are showing odd amounts of numbers. When my husband jumped on them they stated he was at least 10 kgs more than he was last time (which is not possible, considering he’s been suffering a 5 day battle with gastro!)

When I hopped on them this morning they showed that I was back to my beginning weight. Now, I would normally be completely shocked and distraught about this happening, but there is absolutely no way that I can weigh the same as I did 3 weeks ago.

Exhibit A: I tried on a pair of jeans that are a size less than I normally wear and I could fit into them. They were slightly snug and I give myself another week or two before they will be comfortable and wearable (in public!)

Exhibit B: I tried on another pair of jeans that are a size less than normal and was able to bend, stretch and walk in them comfortably and wore them out in public!

I haven’t been as ‘strict’ as I should have been and struggle to eat appropriate snacks and calorie counts which I know will hinder proper results. So I’ve decided, I shall dust off this minor bump in the road, wait for a new pair of scales and in the mean time keep trying to ‘smash it’ and eat right.

(I did weigh myself the other day and it showed another loss of 2kgs – bringing the total to 6.6kg loss / 7.42% weight loss – we’ll re-evaluate these figures once we get some good scales; if they’re correct then I am going to be beyond stoked!!!)

My first 5kg goal loss was rewarded yesterday with a new pair of running shoes! My old ones were dead and I was excited to see the pretty, shiny ones in the store!

My first reward! Instead of Chocolate, I have Shoes!

I’m yet to try them out (we bought them yesterday and I had a bit of minor stomach bug which meant no physical activity..) but I have a feeling that they’re going to help me improve even more on my fitness.

My 10kg goal is to have a day at the spa! I love nothing more than to go to the day spa and relax but it’s a luxury that can’t  be afforded lately, plus it’s not very comforting to try rolling on a massage table and feel like you’ll break it with your  weight!

This is a goal definitely worth working towards! I can’t wait.

Something I’ve learned about goals: You can have one big goal for the end, but to get there, you need to break it down, analyse it and create realistic, smaller goals. I want to lose 20kgs but I know realistically, that won’t happen in 12 weeks. Therefore, my first smaller goal is to lose 10kgs in 12 weeks, and then continue on for another 12 weeks and hopefully lose the next 10. My breaking it down it doesn’t seem like an impossible. Smaller victories (such as first 5) can be celebrated and create an on-flow effect of feeling proud and knowing that with the work and effort – it can happen.

That’s all I have to report at the moment – I’ll let you know how the weigh in goes with the new scales.

Thanks for all the ongoing support and for taking time to read and follow my journey. Destination: Unknown, but it’s going to be Fabulous!


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