I’m Discovering Myself One Jog at a Time

Today I was feeling really lazy. I don’t know why, but my motivation had parked itself and didn’t want to move!

A gentle reminder to myself - No Excuses Allowed

It got until late afternoon and I realised I really needed to exercise in some way. I needed to, but what was I going to do? I was going a little stir crazy with the kids and my husband must have realised as he suggested I go for a run again. (We’ll call it a jog from now on, because that’s what it is!)

I think that this week, my Jack Russell Terrier couldn’t love me anymore! She is absolutely thrilled with the jogs and we’ll be going at it for ages and she still has the energy to run around the off leash dog park!

Today I’m celebrating a new discovery! A discovery that the 12 week body transformation program does work! I know, we’re only in week 3 and it’s pretty early for me to be talking, but let me prove that point.

When I did my fitness test almost 3 weeks ago, my 1km run timed at 11:40 (terrible terrible!!!)

I’ve only been out for a couple of jogs in the last 3 weeks, the biggest one being on the Saturday, 6k journey. Today I managed to keep a steady pace and get my average to 10.10 mins a km and I actually peaked at 8.06mins a km! Whereas in the Fitness test I could only ‘jog’ for a minute at a time before I was huffing and puffing and having to stop to a walk, I managed a good 8.30 solid non-stop steady jog.

I’m using a Runkeeper app on my iPhone and it’s fantastic. It has a ‘coaching’ section and gives me verbal prompts (over the sound of the rocking Workout Mix I have) so that I am always on track. With it, I managed to do almost 4k’s today!!!

I know it’s not much, but to me, it’s a discovery of an ability I knew I had inside. It’s refreshing to get outside and to see new parts to the neighbourhood. I “may” be taking the dog along so that she can drag me along when I feel like giving up!!!

Bring on Daylight savings, so I can keep these outdoor cardio sessions Alive!!!


One thought on “I’m Discovering Myself One Jog at a Time

  1. Hey Gen, well done! You’re an inspiration, that’s for sure. I bet it felt good afterwards, even though you couldn’t be bothered to start with.

    That’s the bit I can’t get past.

    Good to know runkeeper is cool too, I’ve got it but haven’t used it!

    Want to share your rockin workout mix??

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