Climbing the Hills

This weekend seemed to be more of a struggle than usual; I’m not sure why.

Could it be that we’re heading into week 3 and we’re now becoming established with expectations?

Could it be that it’s that time when I’m starting to waiver in my follow-through?

I’m not quite sure. I do know that although I feel like I’ve been ‘off my game’ a little, in the same moment I can also say I achieved some pretty big milestones as well.

I guess I should stick with getting rid of all the negative things, pushing them away and focussing on the good.

I’ll get the negative out of the way so that we can be done with it!

I didn’t do very well in regards to food this weekend. In saying that, I probably didn’t do terrible, but for me I feel like I let myself down.

My husband has been struck down with the gastro bug *thank goodness no one else has it!* so I’ve been solo on food prep. I’ve stuck to the plan as much as possible. I miscalculated by Saturday calories and ended up indulging in a glass of wine thinking I had plenty to spare. When I double checked a calorie count on an ingredient I was horrified to see, I’d miscalculated by almost 100 calories ..ugh, which means I could have done without the wine. When we got to Sunday it had been 2 rainy days and the kids were stir crazy so a trip to the movies was in order. I’d had a couple of cups of tea and had been thinking about breakfast, but didn’t realise until I was driving to the movies at 9.15am that I hadn’t eaten anything. I’m confessing now that Popcorn and Diet Coke were all that I ate until 2pm when I got home (except for the coffee). For shame – I made sure that when I got home I had a healthy sandwich, and although I’d stopped for coffee on the way home I resisted the temptation of the pastries and pies in the bakery and the hot chips I could smell from the kebab shop.

This leads me into the positives of the weekend. Although I didn’t eat as well as I should have, by that I mean definitely didn’t eat ‘enough’ for the day on Sunday, I did manage to resist those impulse empty calorie purchases from the past. This is something to be celebrated! Not only am I helping my hips, also helping my pockets! I really do struggle all the time with not buying things to just ‘tie me over’ and to ‘cure the sweet tooth, the savoury tooth’. The recipes on the plan are actually great and it’s so nice to have so much fresh food and to feel the difference in portion sizes!

My major achievement that I’m here to celebrate is my Saturday work out.

As I’ve previously posted, I have managed to run before and run a distance, but in my current un-fit state I couldn’t even imagine. Saturday morning I did a warm up workout with my Ripped in 30 DVD and then I grabbed the dog (a Jack Russell Terrier) and my iPhone (love free apps) and I went for a walk/jog. I have an app that allows for ‘coaching’ so it prompts me. I am using this is my ‘learn to run’ again program. It was immensely helpful, telling me to start jogging, or to walk for 15-30 seconds before jogging again. (My HRM actually BROKE on Saturday so I couldn’t use that – another story – annoying, hoping to return it this week) I didn’t have any way of really know how many calories I was burning and on Saturday you’re meant to burn more than usual. I decided to just go and see where it took me. Having the dog with me really helped. I walked up many many hills (hence the title of the page!) and my legs were burning, but we kept going. Small steps, light jogs – moving, moving, moving. I went all over the place and discovered a whole industrial area just over the hill, behind my house! Who knew?! As a beginner I tried not to push myself so I ended up getting to 2min30 second bursts of non-stop steady pace running, 15 second walk and repeating. In the end, I managed to go 6kms! I was shocked and amazed and really damn happy!

Oh and on Sunday – I totally felt those 6kms in my legs, bum and thighs!! (this is a good thing right?!)

So with the bad, there is some good and, it’s a new week and a time to get back on track. I’m going to release the issues I’ve had and keep moving forward. Today and tomorrow are all new days and lessons are learned and carried on. We’ll see how everything is going on Wednesday Weigh-In!!!


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