Week One Kick Off

There were a lot of things that happened to me this week. Things that, in my ‘former’ life I would have turned to chocolate, chips, wine, soft drink….food in general, to comfort me. I won’t bore you with the details but just know…I was strong. I resisted temptation and I made the choice NOT to touch any of the things I would usually turn to.

12 week body transformation has officially kicked off into week one. Although I was making conscious decisions during pre-season, now we have a meal plan and a fitness plan to stick to. I find that I’m still struggling a little with ‘snacks’ to eat, but for the most part, it’s been a nice fit into our family. It’s surprising how delicious the food is, and how fun it is to shop for fresh food and bypass all those boxed ‘easy’ meals that are in fact, full of stuff the body doesn’t need.

While I was shopping I noticed there were a lot of ‘fresh herbs’ involved in the recipes. I’ve been stalling, procrastinating (something I do very often) in making a herb garden; never getting around to it. This was the perfect opportunity to finally do something about that, so as a family, we’ve made a herb garden! It will mean less waste for ‘store bought’ herbs and it means we’ll always have them on hand!

Our fun herb garden with some of the major herbs that are used in cooking (plus a chili plant for hubs, for good measure!)

Another thing I am truly grateful for, is that I have so many friends that are doing the 12WBT program OR, are trying to lose weight, eat healthy and exercise. I can’t even begin to describe how much this is keeping me uplifted and on track. I knew that keeping this blog would help me with accountability, but having other people asking and encouraging my progress means so much and does so many great things.

I did my fitness test yesterday. Phew…I can’t believe I managed to even make it 1 kilometer, let alone 1.5 that I achieved, without falling down dead! I have been put in the ‘beginner’ category, but in my opinion, I am the minus beginner class! It will be enjoyable to improve on these activities and see myself move up. I can’t believe that in my life, I have completed two 1/2 marathons. Yes, you read that right! I have actually completed two 1/2 marathons, while I was living in the US. They are some of my greatest personal achievements in my life; I only wish I still had the medals (which got lost in the move back to Australia) It’s what I’m aiming for in the future. The feeling of accomplishment is amazing, and whilst I have been running/exercising, I’m reminded that it’s not just a matter of getting out there and hitting the pavement. It takes time, determination and action.

Two of my greatest accomplishments in life……done many many many years ago (in a former life!!!)

So…now we get down to the big Wednesday Weigh In! We are half way through week one and I’ve already had a hurdle of going out to dinner with a friend. We went for Italian ..Mmmmm.. and although I looked and drooled at the menu and dreamed of creamy pasta I resisted! Instead, I enjoyed a light meal, enjoying the food and the company, without guilt was refreshing.

Soooo… *cue drumroll* … a loss is a loss is a loss right? Well, I was nervous! I knew that I had gone out last night and I was worried about what the scales would say… I was pleasantly surprised and have a spring in my step today, ready for more!

My current weight loss is:


I am pleased with that. I can’t wait to see that number move move move! I’m going to celebrate the small victories with a little happy dance

and remember:


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