First workout

It’s been a week or so since my last post. I went away to the South Coast of NSW with the family and it was lovely. The weather was very kind to us this time and we were able to do many things as a family. Our first ‘real – successful’ holiday! We tried when Lil Miss (now 10.5months) was only 3 months and it was all sorts of fail!

The lovely South Coast of NSW

I haven’t done all my pre-season tasks yet as I was away and the internet reception was very sketchy, but I’m ready and raring to sit down and view them all and action them.I wanted to write this post now because I am feeling pumped. I downloaded MyFitnessPal for iPhone today, after hearing a lot about it. It’s fantastic! I’ve never been a numbers girl; anyone could tell you that, but this app is brilliant! I enter in my food/meals and hey presto…here’s how much you’ve eaten!I was shocked and amazed to see the numbers and it puts everything into perspective. This excites me!

Another big move today was that I moved!  I exercised for the first time in what I’m dubbing “I-can’t-remember”!!! I downloaded another app (have I told you that I have a love affair for my iPhone!?) that tracks you as you move. (BRILLIANT!) It was working out distance, pace, time and most importantly, calories burned. Every time I’d glance at it and see the calories moving higher I was pumped!!! It kept me moving!


Just to prove it, I’ve taken a pic of myself after!!  (Be warned – NOT glam at all!!!)

I've never been so excited to have a red, flushed face!

There’s still much to do but it’s a true flow on effect. Do one thing and the next will happen!

Thanks for all the messages of support I’ve received, I’m excited to know that I can share this with others. The support I’ve found for people who are involved in the 12WBT is amazing and motivating. Two things that will lead me on when times aren’t so easy!

MOODS: Excited – Happy – Exhausted (but a good exhausted!)



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