Pre-Season Jitters

This is going to be a rambling post that I have to get out..I have to put it down to pre-season jitters…..

Can you believe that we’re still in pre-season of this challenge and I’ve already been making small changes.  Stopping myself from eating useless snacks and empty calories has actually been really easy. I couldn’t believe how changing your mindset can be so simple.

This weeks pre-season task is a Kitchen Make-over and although I haven’t checked out the video yet I am a little scared and excited for it. Not sure how the family will take it, but kids do lead by example and my husband has already shown his full support.

I get the veggie box from Aussie Farmers Direct every two weeks and it’s exciting to see what new vegetables are in it. This week we got asparagus. Who doesn’t look at asparagus and usually think..yuk *hands up* …with the power of Google I found a delicious roasted asparagus recipe with garlic and some pepper and light rock salt. I couldn’t believe how wonderful it turned out! I don’t think I would have opened my mind to that if I hadn’t been apart of this challenge.

I’m going away for a holiday with the family this week and I look forward to having a few ‘treats’ but I also find on holidays there’s a lot more activeness which counteracts things, although I have to say, I don’t even ‘feel’ like the things I used to, chips, chocolate, biscuits….

I’m looking to join a gym too, but finances are an issue….and also the 3 kids under 4!!! I don’t want to use these as an excuse and I know I can exercise at home, but I want to have that ‘alone’ time as well, the feeling of getting out of the house on my own and doing something for myself…I’ll have to ‘find’ the money! Money tree, oh money tree where are you?!?!

I think this is enough rambling for tonight! I don’t even know if it makes sense! It’s the nervous jitters!!!

Thanks for reading and supporting me!

MOOD: Nervous, Excited, Happy



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