I was listening to the next pre-season tasks in the 12WBT and I was really inspired by how things are done. I have a big goal, of course I do. I want to lose a lot of weight. I think in the past I haven’t been able to achieve this because it seems like such a huge goal. In fact, it’s not. By breaking it down and working towards it, it’s more than achievable. I can and will do this.

Since sign-up a couple of weeks ago I have been consciously aware of what I’m eating and when I’m eating. We haven’t officially started yet and I’m excited. I’ve already seen the scales move down by at least 2kgs, this number fluctuates, but it’s still not the ‘beginning’ weight it was a few weeks ago.

Hope. The meaning of Hope on Dictionary.com is –

The feeling that what is wanted can be had or that events will turn out for the best:

A person or thing in which expectations are centered: 

I have so much hope when it comes to this challenge. So many hopes and dreams that I am in control of.

The question was asked, last night: What have you just eaten? It was 8.30pm. I could report back that I had just made myself a decaf coffee, however I did not enjoy it at all. Luckily, this wasn’t the worst of answers. There was McDonalds, Doritos…all sorts of junk food. I would normally have been one of those people that puts their hand up and said I’d had a hot milo with chocolate biscuits. I think the comfort of having that late at night is something that is hard to break. Instead, I’m reaching for a Peppermint tea or a Sleepy Time tonic.

I’ve cut back but not cut out. That is, until the program gets well under way and I’m getting my arse kicked!! At lunch on Sunday we had Chicken and Salad and there was a huge tray of hot chips sitting in front of me. If I had not eaten any I think I would have felt entirely deprived. If I’d eaten a handful I would have felt sick afterwards. Instead, I counted out 5 small chips, put them on my plate and savoured them.  I know that in the future, if I am to do this, it means I will have to work extra hard to get them off.

I’m ready for the challenge. I’m hopeful. Every morning I wake up and think that my mindset is already changing for the better. I’m finding myself to be a brighter person and I put it down to hope.

I can’t wait….



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