Jumping the small hurdles

Today I felt good about a choice I made. Friday is our swimming lesson day for the 2 older kids. A usually hectic morning that then sees up hopping over to McDonalds for a bite to eat. It doesn’t help that the McDonalds is right next to the swim school and they have a massive playground that the kids beg to go and play on.

I usually grab myself a ‘meal deal’ and eat it with regret, because really…it does NOT taste great to me, it’s …easy.

Today I compromised. I let the kids go over and play and have fun, but instead of ordering an easy, wasted calorie meal, I just went with a skim coffee. I didn’t miss the food and the only thing I longed for was the delicious looking new McFlurrys they’ve started selling. Way to challenge my resistance Maccas!

It made me feel good that I was strong enough to bypass the voices and make a decision not to eat the food.

I like coffee. I enjoy coffee. I hope they don’t tell me I can’t have any coffee. I’m happy to drink in moderation, but won’t ever be able to eliminate it. Here’s my yummy coffee of the day:

Emotions: Content, Happy

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